Friday, January 27, 2006

Stuck in a Window

Jennifer and I went to class last night. We had Subway for dinner. I had the chicken marinara sandwich. It was just okay. I think I prefer my Spicy Italian. We both got the meal which came with a cookie. Subway cookies are SO good. After I finished my cookie I wished I had another one.

I had to do a presentation on my project in class. That didn't go too bad. Then it was quiz time.

Which I did horribly on.

I hate true and false questions. You'd think they'd be the easy questions but I actually prefer the write out responses. True and false and multiple choice always screw me up because I second guess myself. Which I did. One of the questions was:

45% of children live with both parents.

I put TRUE even though I remembered in the book it said 69%. But I kept thinking, "Well it's a high number.." GAH. Of course I was wrong. And I made other silly mistakes too.

*Hates the quiz*

Ahh well it was just one quiz.

Then we started taking notes. And in this class you have a lot of notes. I feel like my hand is going to fall off. It started to cramp and yes, my mind started to wander. Our classroom faces the cop dorms and I noticed this guy walking back and forth. It appeared he was locked out of his room because he kept banging on his door. Then he noticed that his window was cracked open a little bit so he started to go through it..

Problem was, he had a bit of a stomach on him and he got STUCK. His legs were kicking and kicking and it sounded like he said HELP a few times. He finally was able to get inside his dorm..he wiggled back and forth for a little bit and then he was in.

I wanted to laugh so hard! I kept chewing my bottom lip to keep from laughing.

Okay Amber think of something not's not that funny, it's not that funny, it's not that funny..

Jennifer noticed that I was stifling my laughter. She hissed, "What is it?" so I started writing her a note about what happened. BUT when I was writing the note I remembered the poor guy kicking his legs and I burst out laughing.

The entire class turned to stare at me.

And it wasn't a good time to laugh because we were talking about POVERTY and how it effects children. And this student in our class was talking about how she had NOTHING growing up and here I am cracking up.

Yeah, not the best time to laugh..

I explained what I found so funny but most of the students just gave me a blank stare. As if to say, "Um yeah..not that funny.." I think the only people who laughed were Jennifer and the other girl who sits beside me.

Man, I wish I could keep my laughter in. I just can't. I always got in trouble in school for laughing in the middle of class. The Giggles I call them. I had the seriously case of the Giggles last night.

We got out of class around 930. We checked the mail (Yay my Netflix came in!) and then went home.

My house..

Oh my gosh my house, or what WAS my house, was a mess. Tommy had all his toys out in the living room. Some made their way into the kitchen. And Tom was just sitting there on the couch eating my Swiss Rolls. Then, to top it off, Tommy had POOPED so when I walked in I could smell it. Tom went,

"Oh I couldn't even tell. You see, my nose is stuffed.."

Uh huh.

So I had to go upstairs and change Tommy. Ick. While I was doing it I told Tommy he should use the potty.

"No!" Tommy said.

"So you just want to be in diapers your entire life?"


"You know people will make fun of you.."



I feel better though because I'm in a Sensory Processing Disorder parent group and apparently it's normal for SPD children to potty train late. Someone in the group said her son didn't potty train until SIX. SIX people..I can't wait that long..if only my kid weren't so darn stubborn. I think that adds to it. He just doesn't care if he's walking around with a turd.

Changing Tommy's diaper at least gave me time with him. I miss him so much when I'm gone. And I'm not even gone that long. He told me he had fun with his Daddy. And he ate pizza. I'm loving how he responds to my questions now. Last year he'd just stare at me. This year he'll say yes or no and sometimes elaborate. So yes, huge improvements in the speech. Still behind but he's getting better.

After I kissed Tommy goodnight (this took about a half hour though..he all of a sudden wanted water, wanted me to read him two books, and Tom hadn't made him brush his teeth so he had to do that..shame on Tom..I asked Tom why he doesn't have Tommy brush his teeth and he'll go, "They look white to me!" UGH I won't even get into that one..) As I was saying, after I said goodnight to Tommy I went into the kitchen. Sink was overflowing was dishes. Trash was overflowing with trash.

Messy MESSY boys!

And I won't even get into how gross my kitchen counter was..

Right now I need to go organize Tommy's toys. They're just in a pile in the corner of the room because I was too tired to deal with it last night. When Tom comes home tonight we're doing our grocery shopping and picking up dinner.

And on SUNDAY we're going to Bluewater Mall which is this huge mall in England. I'm excited.

(Tommy just told me he was Jack's this character in a Nick Jr cartoon called Sali Mali..)


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