Monday, February 20, 2006

About A Piercing

I survived class last night. It was hard to concentrate in class because a classmate announced that she had just gotten something pierced and she was "going to leave it at that." Of course I have a dirty mind so I'm thinking,

"Did she get her...down there??"

And it turned out SHE DID because someone asked,

"Oh did you get your nipple pierced?"

Even then I was thinking, "OUCHIE MAMA!"

But the classmate just gave a coy smile and went, "Nope, not there.."

So all throughout class I'm thinking,

"I cannot believe she got her..down there..I CANNOT believe she got her..down there.."

Then I wondered how that would even work. Obviously you don't walk into a place and say,

"Yo yo yo I want my vagina pierced.."

I have no idea why when I think of a piercing/tattoo parlor I always picture people saying, "Yo yo yo" and having dozens of tattoos across their body and metal all in their face. Oh and they always seem to have either a jean or leather jacket on too. Maybe this is because I have never been in one so I'm only going on what I've seen in movies or read in books.

I know they probably have a name for getting your vagina pierced. Like a love button piercing?? I don't know. But then you have to, you know, STRIP down and then I picture this dude with a long beard with piercings in each eyebrow, his nose, his could you spread eagle for someone like that? I'm sure the guy is professional and all but I would be all,

"Oh my God. I hope I look clean down there because what if he talks to his friends and be like, "Dudes, I pierced this broad today and she was like totally hairy down there.."

(Yeah in my mind they say things like "Dudes" too.)

If I had known this classmate better I might have asked more questions. But as it is, I don't know her well at all and I wasn't sure if she'd appreciate me leaning over and saying,

"Tell me about it," with my pen poised over my notebook. (Because experiences like that are good for my novels you know..)

It was just an interesting class. Plus it didn't help when she announced that she had gotten it done only a few hours beforehand. Someone asked,

"Are you in pain?"

She went, "I was at first but now it feels good."


Then I kept wondering, "Is she like having an orgasm right now?? In her seat? DURING CLASS??"

Because I know people get down there pierced because it is supposed to feel good and all.

I would never ever do that. I don't think I'm ever getting anything pierced because OUCH.

Oh and I did get my midterm back. A 94%.


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  1. Try having an unexpected, totally random and spontaneous orgasm in the middle of the grocery store. What are you supposed to do? If you reallllllllllly want to know, I'll tell you!


Thanks for the comment!

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