Monday, February 27, 2006

Stinky Breath

I am somewhat insulted.

Tommy had preschool today. He used to go on Tuesdays but they switched it to Monday because they wanted to keep him a half hour later to work on more speech.

I am not a morning person. And on days when he has school I wake up at 705. The alarm clock never fails to startle me out of a deep sleep and it takes me at least five tries to turn the thing off. I sort of stumble into Tommy's room and switch on his light as soon as I can find it. (One morning I was feeling the wall for what seemed like forever.) I used to startle Tommy with my messy hair and half asleep eyes. He'd sit up in bed and go,


Now he's used to seeing me half asleep. He makes it easy and lifts up his arms and steps into his pants so I can dress him easily. Sometimes he'll pick out his outfit, most of the time I do it. Like last week I wanted him to wear a certain shirt and he went, "Nope!" and picked out his own.

But I digress. When the taxi came to pick him up I got him secured in his seat and leaned over to kiss him goodbye as I always do. Most of the time he happily kisses back but today he went (really loud I might add),

"YUCK! Blah! Blah!" and backed away and plugged up his nose.

Apparently my breath was kickin' or something.

The taxi driver was amused and snickered. And Tommy, seeing as he had attention kept on with his, "Blah!" and continued to squeeze his nose shut.

I think I was too exhausted to be totally insulted.

I did some errands today when Tommy went down for his nap. I had to go to the grocery store which is always tons of fun. <-- Slight sarcasm there. The good news is they had the Easter goodies out. You know the Reeses peanut butter eggs, the Peeps, the pastel colored M&Ms?? This excites me so I loaded up. I threw in the Reeses eggs, the Peeps, the Cadbury Creme I was doing this someone else came up beside me. A kind looking woman. She said,

"Are you having a party?"

I said, "No. These are for me."

She looked a bit taken aback but forced a smile and moved on. Probably thinking, "Holy crud what a PIG." I can just imagine her conversation with her husband,

"So I was at the grocery store and this woman was totally going crazy over the Easter candy. What is she, five??"

I wish I could have explained that I was not allowed a bunch of candy growing up, that I am making up for all those years of denial..I mean my life wasn't completely without candy but I certainly didn't get a lot of it.

And the grand total?? $155. Oops.

Not only did I get the Easter goodies but I also got Swiss Rolls, Oatmeal Creme Pies, ice cream sandwiches...(did I mention that it's my time of the month?? This might explain all the goodies too..or maybe it's just an excuse heh. I've never denied having a sweet tooth after all..)

I came home and Tom and Tommy were watching TV on the couch. The minute I walked in Tommy ran over to me and announced,

"I cried!"

Then Tom, who looked pissed off went, "Your son started to cry from 130 on and off. He woke me up." (Tom works nights and sleeps during the day.)

Hmph. MY son huh? Apparently Tommy has a bit of a cold. His nose keeps running and this disturbs him. He's gone through nearly an entire box of tissues because he doesn't like to use the same one twice. Poor kid.

Now Tom wants to go to Popeyes for dinner. So I think we will. Tommy keeps chanting,

"Two biscuits, two biscuits!"

I will get my two piece (spicy) chicken meal with cole slaw for the side and a diet coke. Mmmm.


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