Wednesday, March 15, 2006



I can't stay away from these:

I didn't even know they existed until I went to the grocery store yesterday. And I was doing so well! I hadn't gotten any type of junk food and even bought a variety of fruits and vegetables. (But I'm going to be honest, most of them are just going to end up rotting. Because this always happens when I buy the healthy stuff. Sure I'll eat a few of them but then I get bored and they turn into this disgusting brown mush that is not fun to clean up.)

I felt like such a Grown Up as I bought carrots, green peppers, yellow peppers, apples and grapes. I know that sounds silly but I felt like I was doing the right thing in buying all of it. It was like I was proclaiming, "Look at me, I'm trying to eat healthy, I'm not going for that junk food!" I almost expected a person to come over and clap for me or something. (I think the oddest things, I admit that.)

All was going well until I went down the bread/snack aisle. Then all sorts of temptations were leaping out at me in those colorful boxes.

EAT ME said the Nutter Butters.

No way was my reply.

NO EAT ME said the Cheez Its.

Now Cheez Its you know I only eat half the box and leave the rest to go stale. You are not a practical purchase.

EAT ME EAT ME taunted the chocolate chip cookies.

Screw you, chocolate chips. You go straight to my thighs.

Then it seemed like a light beamed down and stopped right at the Oreos. And then there they were: mint chocolate covered oreos. My mouth immediately started to water as I reached out for the box.

No no no said the practical side of me.

Yes yes yes said my stomach. (Who won.)

These things are delicious. I looked on the back of the box and apparently there are also milk chocolate Nutter Butters! (Le gasp!)

Those better never come here or I'll be in trouble.


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