Saturday, June 10, 2006

Help Me!

For the love of all things chocolate.

Will someone take Tom off my hands?


He's been around all day and I feel like I'm losing my mind.

I love him, I do, but honestly. I need my space. I've never been like those other people who constantly have to be around someone. If I don't get my space, I get cranky. I thought everyone was like this but one time I met a couple who smiled at each other in a disgusting way and went, "Oh we spend all our time together." *Pukes*

Maybe it's because I was an Only Child, I don't know, but I learned how to entertain myself. I learned to enjoy my "me" time.

I was all set to go grocery shopping and Tom went, "Oh I'm coming too."

See, he's one of those types that has problems staying alone. Entertaining himself.

And he's incapable of finding anything in the house.

"Amber, where did you put my juice boxes?"

"Amber, where are my shoes?"

"Amber, where did my shirt go?"

Well crap Tom, look around for it.

When we got home I put all the frozen stuff away. I left the boxed stuff in the bags, hoping Tom would get the hint and put them away. Nope. He just calmly stepped over the bags and at one point, grabbed what he wanted from one of the bags and left the kitchen.


When I called him on it..asked why he didn't put the stuff away he gave me a blank look and went, "Oh I was supposed to do that?"

The television is almost constantly on the History channel when he's home. Always on some World War 2 program. I am so bored of watching those documentaries. I respect what people did for our country, don't get me wrong, but I don't want to constantly watch it. I don't care what a P-51 does. I don't care what that odd looking rifle does. But if I don't learn about it from the program Tom is yakking about it while I try to read beside him.

"And that one, that one is called a blah blah blah rifle and it blah blah blah," he'll say.

"Mmmm," is my only response, hoping he'll get the hint when I don't ask more questions.

"Oh wow look at that plane. That's a blah blah blah.."

If I suggest a channel change he'll look crushed and go, "But I was watching this!"

Nevermind that it'll probably repeat 50,000 times during the month.

We need another television. We're getting one in the States. We'll have one downstairs. In our room. And Tommy will have one.

If he's not watching a documentary he's watching the music channels. The music he listens to is not music to me. It's noise, pure noise, but he'll be bobbing is head to the music, telling me to watch, isn't it funny, isn't it hilarious, look at the midget making fun of Micheal Jackson.

At the BX he at least took Tommy with him so I could shop in peace for a few minutes. We usually do this thing where we race to see who'll end up with Tommy. We'll plop him in the cart and whoever takes off first, wins. The other has to take Tommy. I know it sounds mean, but really, I cherish a few minutes to look at something by myself without having to worry about Tommy touching or grabbing.

They were having a clothes sale but I held back. Not because I have willpower but because they were selling the tackiest clothes I have ever seen. Clothes with bright colors. Polka dots. And I swear one sweater had dogs sewed all around it. A big shocker was, people were actually buying the crap.

I did end up buying Tommy a Superman PJ set. I couldn't help it, it came with a cape and everything.

After that I said I was going to get a wrap from Charleys. I told Tom I'd meet him in the car.

"No, I'll come with you. I think I'll get a sandwich."


No space.

No time.

Of course this meant we had to deal with Tommy, who started to laugh and run off a few feet the minute we dropped his hand. He never runs all the way away, just a few feet and he'll give you this LOOK like he knows he's aggrivating the piss out of you.

Here comes Tom again. He just went, "Are you coming back on the couch? I wanted to snuggle."

Nevermind that we just snuggled for about an hour. And that I started to sweat because it's so darn hot here and there is no air conditioning.

I just told him, "We'll snuggle tonight. During Date Movie," and he just gave a big sigh.

Now he's all, "Whatcha doing? Can I get on the computer?"

And Tommy, Tommy just fell down and he's so dramatic and he's now pretending that he can no longer walk. Ahh, there he goes, he just fell back and announced that he needs a doctor even though it's just a little scrape.

I need a break.


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