Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Screens, Apparently

Oh man.

Some guy just knocked on the door asking if he could come inside and measure the windows. If I were offbase I'd probably slam the door on his face and call 911. But this sort of thing occurs when you live on base. Someone will either want to measure something, fix something or check your gas.

It's particularily embarrassing when you answer the door with your hair all over the place, wearing pajama bottoms and gripping your glass of diet coke like it's your lifeline.

As I just did now.


When I'm properly dressed no one bothers to come by.

When the house has just been properly cleaned no one comes by.

But if I look as though I should be on the set of Jerry Springer? Oh yes, of course!

And if the house looks as though a tornado has breezed through it. Yup.

It doesn't help with the guy told me, "I need to measure all the windows."

First I asked him why. I wasn't about to let him in if he didn't have an answer.

"For fly screens."

Screens. SCREENS!

After nearly three years of battling the bugs that would fly into the house whenever I'd open the windows they finally decided on screens. Right before I leave? So I won't even be able to enjoy them. Grr.

"Do you need to go upstairs too?" I asked.


UGH. No. Upstairs was even worse than downstairs. Downstairs was littered with Tommy's toys, Tom's juice boxes and the kitchen. Oh lord the kitchen. The sink was piled with dishes, the counter was piled with dishes...I've just had no energy lately. Which is why I was gripping my diet coke for dear life when I answered the door.

When I heard he had to go upstairs as well I high tailed it up there and started throwing dirty clothes into the hamper. (Tom's dirty clothes by the way. He's unable to compute that dirty clothes belong in that green plastic thing in the corner and not on the floor.) I quickly tried to make our bed, even though I never make it because what's the point?

I was embarrassed though. Why couldn't he have come yesterday, when I had just cleaned and had been properly dressed? Why?

He was finished in five minutes.

I have no idea when the screens will come.

Probably when I look horrible and I least expect it.


Sorry. I'm still drinking my diet coke. I'm trying to snap myself awake so I can clean this mess.

Tom is even off today. He got a comp day because he's working on one of his other days off. So having him home adds to the mess. It would be lovely if he'd notice the dishes and offer to do them. But no. All he does is wander in the kitchen, rifle through the cupboards and then call out, "Uh where are the clean cups?"

In the SINK, dill hole.

And you know what he'll do. He'll go into the sink, wash off ONE cup and then use it. Then when he comes back out into the living room sipping a drink and notices my dirty look he looks utterly surprised.


"You just cleaned ONE dish?" I'll ask.

Tom will blink at me in confusion. "Oh. Was I supposed to do them all?"

Usually I'm on the ball with things, moving around like a mad woman, cleaning this, cleaning that but...my energy. Where has it gone? Maybe it's on summer break, as Tommy is. I don't know.

Tom just left for the base. He has to do something for his troops. He asked if he could bring something back and I went,

"Ooo a chillata."

Even though it doesn't have caffeine. But it's still filled with strawberry and whipped cream goodness. Mmmm.

"Oh and since you'll be in the BX area, could you pick up Failure to Launch? It just came out.." I added with a hopeful smile.

(Paid for with my birthday money as I pressed a $20 into his palm.)

In other news, I watched Big Love last night. I seriously think wife number two was planted into the family to spy on Bill. (The husband.) It's just that her eyes get all darty whenever Bill mentions her father (who happens to be the "prophet.") I don't trust her. Especially when she slept with Bill in wife number three's bed. Which is just not right. I am so tempted to look up what happens in future episodes but just this once, I'm forcing myself to wait. Usually I have no patience and look to see what happens but this time...I'm seeing if I can wait.

I can do it..(she says as she browses on televisionwithoutpity.com..)

Just a peek. Really. A teeny tiny peek.


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