Friday, June 30, 2006


I was in the kitchen, doing my morning sweep. It's amazing what sort of stuff appears on the floor after a few hours. In the middle of my sweep, Tommy ran in and announced,

"Man is NAKED!"

I didn't know what to think.

I live on a military base, people aren't allowed to walk down the street naked. Heck, even if I weren't on a military base it's still frowned upon.

So I dropped my broom and followed Tommy to the window. He pointed to the garbage men who were, thankfully, only topless.

"They're not naked, Tommy," I explained. "They just need a shirt on." I started to walk back to the kitchen. I called out from over my shoulder, "Maybe you should tell them to put on a shirt."


I went back to my sweeping and all of a sudden I hear, in Tommy's garbled speech: "HEY MAN. PUT ON A SHIRT!"

I rushed back out and saw Tommy hanging out the front door. The garbage men were staring at him, chuckling. One might have muttered something about a "yank" but I couldn't be for certain. I just pulled Tommy back inside, waved apologetically to the men and shut the door.


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