Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Bud Light

We're having a BBQ today. Jennifer and family are coming over. She's bringing hamburgers and we have the brats. *Drools*

Yesterday, as I mentioned before was the carnival. Jennifer and I went at one. We rode three rides that spun around. One ride even lifted off the ground, to the point where it felt like you'd flip upside down. I admit, I thought I was going to die. The bar felt loose and I could just see the little seats that we were in snapping off and flying threw the air. I told Jennifer, "I don't want to DIE yet!" as we went spiraling down.

My eyes were shut the entire time.

I do not do well with heights.

After the rides we played some games. Jennifer won a goldfish. I do not like fish so I didn't try. Seriously, they're boring things, just swimming around in confusion. To be honest, I'd probably forget to feed the things and they'd be swimming in their own filth. So no. We will never have fish. Even though when I told Tom that Jennifer won fish he was all, "Did you win any?" in a hopeful tone.

I played two duck games. Where you just take a hook, attach it to a duck and whatever is on the bottom of the duck you win. The first game I won a Nemo plush (so I guess technically I did win a fish) and the second I won an inflatable hammer that squeeks if you knock someone with it. Tommy loves it.

Then it was time to eat. Yum. I got cotton candy. Candy apples. A lumpia meal for lunch. And an empanada.

Then Tom, Tommy and I went later, for dinner. I was just going to take Tommy, as Tom doesn't do well in crowds ("can we go, there are too many people!") and Tom went, "But wait? What am I going to eat for dinner?" He gave me a blank stare.

"Find something," I called over my shoulder.

"No wait! I'm coming!"

There were a lot of people when we got there but Tom found some of his cop buddies. It's a little insulting how he'll cheer up when he sees his friends but heaven forbid he goes to a busy place with his family. I felt a little awkward, because I didn't know these people. Tom introduced me, I said hello and muttered something about wanting to get some burgers for dinner.

So I did that. And Tommy got a hot dog. Then we settled down on the grass and his cop buddies joined us.

I hate eating around people I don't know.

I can pig out with people I know, but shove me in a spot with strangers and I clam up, taking dainty bites even though I am not the least bit dainty.

I just don't want them to know I'm a pig.

Tommy ate his hot dog and stared at the strangers with wide eyes. One asked if he was having fun and he said, barely audible, "Yesss.." through a mouthful of bun. He was complimented on his hair though. The cop wives started saying, "Oh if I have a baby, I hope their hair is blond like that!" One looked at Tommy and said in a baby voice, "You are so CUTE!"

A baby voice!

I figured she didn't realize he was four. I mean after all, she didn't have kids. But still. Baby voices should be outlawed. And Tommy even looked a bit surprised that she was speaking to him like that. He blinked at her then looked at me in a "WTF was that?" look.

We went home after that. I was debating putting Tommy on a ride but he didn't seem interested.

Jennifer and I went back at nine. Simply because the rides look so pretty lit up. We went on two rides and then returned home to make funnel cakes.

Mmm. Funnel cakes.

I ran a funnel cake over to Tom, who was in the backyard talking to the neighbor. And sipping a Bud Light??

You have to understand, my husband doesn't like beer.

I know.


It was one of the reasons why I was attracted to him in the first place. I loved how he didn't feel the need to drink like all those morons we went to school with. Those people who shouted, "I am SO getting wasted tonight!" like it was some wonderful feat.

So it was strange to see my husband sipping at a drink he didn't even like.

When he came inside I motioned to the drink.

"What's that about?" I asked.

He looked surprised and followed to where I was staring. "The drink? Uh, nothing. He offered me one, I said yes."

"But," I stuttered. "you don't like beer."

"I like beer," Tom insisted.

"No," I said. "You don't."

"I do." Tom took a tiny swig to prove his point and made a face that proved that no, he didn't like it. But still he forced a smile and went. "You see? I like it."


It's disturbing how he turns into someone else when he's with his cop friends. The neighbor is a cop who he works with. The neighbor usually invites a lot of the other cop friends over and Tom joins them. They all like beer. So Tom joins in because guys can be pretty mean. Apparently.

I notice when he's around the cop guys that he swears more. And he uses words like "screwing." For instance, he was telling a story about how two people were "screwing." I think I jumped in surprise a little bit when the word flew from his lips. He always calls it "making love" at home.

Want to know what I found beside the sink this morning?

An almost full can of Bud Light.

Because he doesn't like it.

However, I do have some good news.

I did get my fun last night. *Winks*


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