Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Carrot Adventures

This morning when I woke up I went to use the bathroom.

When I stood up to flush I jumped because I found Tommy's plastic toy carrot floating in the toilet.

I hadn't noticed it before. I just shuffled in the bathroom, did my business, and was about to flush when I noticed the offending object.

"Tommy?" I called out.

He appeared in his doorway.

"Um. Did you throw a carrot in the toilet?"

A big grin appeared on Tommy's face. "Carrot is sleeping," he informed me and walked over to look. "Night night," he said and then shut the toilet lid.

The problem was, I couldn't flush the thing down the toilet.

Which meant I had to fish it out.

After I had used the bathroom.

It's not something that I wanted to wake up to. I mean who would?

Good morning! You get to stick your hand in urine today. Hoorah!

"Tommy," I said calmly. "We don't throw things in the toilet. It's yucky."

"Carrot sleeping?" was Tommy's reply.

I sighed. "Even if fake vegetables want to nap in just have to tell them no. Um. Carrot needs to wake up now.."

Then I gathered a bunch of toilet paper, held my breath, and quickly lifted the carrot out. I threw it into the sink and tossed the toilet paper back into the bowl. Then I soaked my hands in warm water and soap and did the same with the carrot. I even sprayed that sanitizing spray on the carrot. Tommy watched all of this with wide eyes.

"Carrot back please?" he asked as I spritzed at it.

"You can have it back if you promise not to throw it back into the toilet," I replied.

"Okay," Tommy agreed.

When I gave the carrot back he tucked it neatly into his bed.

Strange kid, I know. Tucking food products into bed.


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