Wednesday, August 16, 2006


I forgot to mention that Tom bought me a cake.

Well, it was my suggestion, as I love cake, but Tom called and placed the order. This woman on the base makes cakes so that instantly makes her my friend.

We ordered a white cake with buttercream frosting. On it Tom had her write: "Congratulations on the new arrival and your orders."

I'd take a picture of it but it's almost gone.

All you need to know is that it was done in delicious icing with yummy icing flowers along it..

When she came over to drop off the cake I was still in my pajamas. So was Tommy. Tom was the only one dressed because he doesn't own pajamas and constantly asks why I like to wear mine well into the afternoon some days.

"Don't you want to get dressed?" he'll ask.

"Not really," will be my reply.

The woman had her son with her who looked to be around nine or so. Tommy became shy and hid in the kitchen.

It turns out that this woman lived in FE Warren AFB, the base we're going to next for five years. She says she loved it. The only thing that isn't fun is Tom's job. He could be gone for three days at a time. Gone as in..gone..they can send him as far as Nebraska to guard the missles. This is why no one ever wants a missle base.

Other than that she says the shopping is great. Yes, I can have cable TV. Yes there is broadband. Yes there are Pizza Huts and Wal-Marts and Targets...she even said that they recently built the Super Wal-Mart. Fort Collins, where Kohls resides, is an easy forty minute trip. The area is beautiful, the people are friendly, the base housing is wonderful...

After she told us about the base she gazed around at Tommy's toys.

"Do you have a child?" she inquired, because Tommy was still hiding in the kitchen.

"We do. He's four. He's, er, in the kitchen.." I said and then poked my head inside. "Hey Tommy! Why don't you come out here?"

Tommy's reply?

"I'm in my pajamas!"

In an embarrassed tone.

"Me too. It's okay, really," I promised and led him out. He buried his face in my leg but then noticed another child was in the room. He got excited and started doing this bouncing thing that he does. He'll bounce right in front of the person over and over.

"Why's he doing that?" the woman's son asked, wrinkling his nose.

"He's excited," I explained.

Tommy brought over some of his toys to show. "Airplane," he said proudly.

"What's your name?" I heard the boy ask him.

Tommy tapped his chin. "Uh. C-3PO!" he replied.

I cut in then. "That's not your name." I gave him a Look. Tommy looked down, knowing his was caught and finally went, "Tommy," like it was the worst name in the world.

They stayed for about a half hour. When they left Tommy called out, "Bye bye, boy!"

Then I eagerly dove in the cake. Cut a corner piece..went to take a bite and..

My stomach turned.


Me: You can't do this to me, stomach. It's cake, beautiful cake with buttercream frosting. Please, let me just have a bite, a bite, that's all I ask just a tiny frickin' bite!

Stomach: Mwa-ha-ha!

Needless to say I couldn't eat it.

I had to push it away and give it to Tom, who happily scarfed it down.

To which I grumbled, "Stupid men, don't have to worry about a thing, grrr.."

"What?" Tom asked, mid-bite.

I forced a smile. "Is it good?" I asked through clenched teeth.

Tom gave me a frosting coated grin. "Delicious."


The good news is that I have had two pieces. The next day I felt slightly better. And yesterday I was also able to have a small piece. Today I might be able to have another one. It's honestly one of the best cakes I've ever had.

Tom says we'll buy another cake before we leave. Something that says, "Thank God we're outta here!"


And to be honest, now I'm looking forward to moving to Wyoming.


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