Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Adventures in Babysitting

Tom and I went grocery shopping after Tommy went to school.

It was weird.

The car ride was quiet. Well, quiet from Tommy's normal chatter. Usually he's all, "Mommy look! A tree! Mommy look! A person. Mommy look! Construction!"

Halfway to the base I gave a sigh and was about to announce that I missed Tommy. Then Tom opened his mouth and went,

"Ahh it sure is nice getting out without Tommy."


He must've noticed my stunned expression because he shrugged and went, "What? It's quiet. I like it."

"B-but," I spluttered. "Surely you miss him?"

Tom sighed. "Amber. He's been gone for all of fifteen minutes. I haven't had time to miss him."

I crossed my hands over my chest. "Well I miss him."

Grocery shopping was uneventful. Tom rushes me through so I didn't have time to miss Tommy. Though I did give wistful glances at mother's out with their young children.

This weekend was boring. Nothing occured until Sunday, when Jennifer dropped off Christopher so she and Chris could see Superman Returns. It was easy enough as Christopher had his nap during most of the movie. He slept in our room in a playpen. Tommy kept asking,

"Wake Christopher up now?"

Like every HALF HOUR.

I kept explaining that Christopher had to sleep, that it was his nap time and Tommy would look rather annoyed with the news and ten minutes later he'd be all,

"Christopher wake up now?"

Finally at around 440 I heard Christopher moving around so I said we could get him.

"YAY. CHRISTOPHER I COMING!" Tommy shouting and thundered up the stairs.

"Tommy wait, the poor kid has probably just woken up, don't go scaring him," I called after him.

He had already thrown open the bedroom door by the time I got up there. Christopher looked slightly alarmed but then smiled and went, "Hello Tommy!"

"Christopher. Come downstairs. See blocks!" Tommy said, jumping up and down with excitement. Then he was gone, back downstairs.

I lifted Christopher out and he followed Tommy. When we got downstairs Tommy shoved the block house he had made at Christopher.

"Look Christopher!" he said proudly. He handed it over. Christopher examined it and...

Pulled it apart.

Tommy looked HORRIFIED. His jaw dropped open and he looked at me in shock.

"You can let Christopher play with it okay?" I said gently.

Tommy watched as Christopher took it apart and built it his way. Then Christopher showed Tommy and Tommy was all,

"Oh NO Christopher," and tried to take it back but Christopher moved away.

"TOMMY," Christopher said, his voice filled with sheer annoyance that Tommy tried to take the toy back.

I thought a mini fight might break out but then Tommy said, "Christopher come upstairs!"

Christopher said his block creation down. "Okay Tommy!"

And up they went.

I followed of course.

Two boys, you never know what could happen. They both wanted to get into the playpen so they did. Tom got home around this time so I went downstairs to greet him. He heard giggling from the upstairs and looked alarmed.

"Who's there?" he asked.

"Tommy and Christopher," I replied.

"Christopher?" Tom looked utterly confused.

I rolled my eyes. "Yes Tom. I told you five times that he was coming over today."


Then I heard thumping sounds from upstairs and rushed back up. It turns out the boys thought it would be fun to jump around in the playpen. They were laughing and such but I could just see one coming down on the other in accident--more likely Tommy coming down on Christopher since he was bigger and I really wouldn't want to turn over Christopher all bruised and battered to his parents so I suggested that we head back downstairs.

Luckily they agreed. We went back downstairs and Tom was in the middle of taking off his uniform pants. An annoying habit he has, stripping of his uniform and folding it on the couch. Of course he seemed to forget, in a matter of minutes, that we had company. And said company was staring at Tom's boxer shorts in wide horror and Tom quickly grabbed his uniform bottoms and covered his front.

"Er...err..I should change upstairs," Tom said and quickly disappeared.

Then he called downstairs. "It SMELLS in our room. Did one of the kids shit?"

(Another annoying habit. His language.)

I called Tommy over and asked if he pooped. "No Mommy," he said.

Then I asked Christopher if HE pooped. "No!"

Jennifer had left a diaper behind so I told Christopher it might be a good idea if we checked him out. I wasn't looking forward to it because it's always awkward wiping another child's butt. It's like, "Excuse me, I know I'm not your parents, but I'll be cleaning your privates today!" Christopher even looked a bit wary but then right at that moment Jennifer came through the door.

Saved by the Mommy.

Tommy wasn't pleased by the fact that Christopher was leaving. He kept saying, "Christopher stay here. Christopher play!" After Christopher left he gave a big sigh and said, "Christopher go home."

Poor kid.

On Friday Jennifer and I get to see a movie. We're going to see The Devil Wears Prada. I loved the book and I heard the movie was good so I'm excited. (And thankful that I never had to deal with a boss like the one in the book. How frightening.)


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