Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Kohls the Glorious Store

My Mom called and informed me she had gone to Kohls.

"KOHLS!" I said in an excited tone.

Mom paused briefly--probably a little surprised that her daughter could find one store so appealing--and then continued.

She said she had gone in for pajamas.

And came out with so much more.

You see that's where I get it from!

She explained that they were having a fabulous sale. Of course they were, after all, it's Kohls. She found some baby sleepers for 60-70% off and couldn't resist.

"They're all neutral," she promised.

Before she knew it, she had a bag filled with baby sleepers. She said when she came through the door my Dad was a little taken aback by the bags.

My Mom, she's excited about the baby. It's a far cry from when I was pregnant with Tommy. When I was pregnant with Tommy there were angry e-mails/phone calls--my parents were probably worried I'd turn up at their house, asking for money or worse, asking to move in. And the whole not finishing college and establishing a career first and getting married thing.

I spoke to Tom's Mom today and she said when we come to visit that she'll just drop me off at Kohls. Then she and Tom will take Tommy to Ben and Jerry's and pick me up afterwards.

Do you know what this means?

Kid free shopping.

HUSBAND free shopping. (Which sometimes can be even worse than Kid Free shopping. Because husbands are all, "Do you really need that? What is that? Are you almost done because you know if you've seen one red shirt you've seen them all. What? Another toy for Tommy? No. What do you need THAT for??")

When I told Tom he was all, "Oh no. I'm taking your debit card."

Fine then.

I have a Kohls card too.


I did some shopping today. I went to the BX to see if they had Gilmore Girls season six in. There were only about five copies and I plucked one off the shelf and shouted out, "MINE!"

Tom gave me a bemused look and went, "Geez, you get excited about the strangest things.."

But really. I think it's important to get excited about the little things in life. It's the dull people that only get a thrill about the big things.

We also bought Tommy Stars Wars: Episode 5 The Empire Strikes Back. Because if I have to watch A New Hope one more time I'm seriously thinking of gnawing off my own arm. If this were a big house I could pop it in and go to another room far far away. But as it is, we're still in a box with carpet and I cannot escape. I hear the same dialogue, the same hum of the light sabers, the same Darth Vader huffing and puffing...

Tommy was thrilled with the new Star Wars. He grabbed it and went, "Hey!!! A new Star Wars. Star Wars V!"

He said "V" because he doesn't read Roman numerals yet.

Because, you know, he's only four.

Then he went on to say, "And V is for vacuum!"

I wonder if he believes that in this Star Wars they're going to be attacking vacuums with light sabers.

I promised him he could watch it after nap time. And after Dr. Phil.

Because I have to get my Dr. Phil fix. Unless he talks about weight loss and the importance of loving yourself first. Then I skip it.


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