Thursday, September 28, 2006

Boring Chocolate

I posted the chili recipe in the previous entry.

It was delicious!

Although Tom said it was spicy, which it wasn't. I cut back on the chili powder but as he was eating he'd stick his tongue out and pant and say, "This is really hot. My mouth is burning."


Then he'd guzzle down his juice box.

(Yes. My husband is 24 and still drinks juice boxes.)

He said he liked it though. That it was just "spicy."

Waffle (Fetus) enjoyed the chili. In fact I felt him/her flopping around in my stomach afterwards. Tom said the poor thing was probably trying to get away from the spicyness of it all.


I've been feeling Waffle move around the past few days. Not a whole lot, just little jabs here and there.

And thankfully, Waffle has been letting me eat normally again.

You have no idea how hard it was not to eat what I wanted. I love food. Now I can eat almost whatever I feel like.

Aside from bacon.

Which stinks because I make a mean bacon wrapped chicken.

It's a small price to pay though.

Sadly though, chocolate just isn't as exciting to me as it once was. I used to think that Reeses peanut butter cups were the greatest thing ever invented. I'd savor each bite tasting the mixture of peanut butter and chocolate. I'd even add a few, "Mmmmms," much to Tom's chagrin.

"It's just chocolate," he'd grumble, angry that his wife was making sexual-type noises over a piece of candy.

"It's not just chocolate," I'd argue. "It's a masterpiece."


I had a Reeses peanut butter cup the other day was just..okay.


I could have been eating a chip or something else basic for goodness sakes.

I tapped my stomach a few times and went, "Hey. Waffle. I just had CHOCOLATE. Rejoice."

Waffle's response?

I just want a pickle.


And that pickle was as exciting to me as a Reeses peanut butter cup once was.


I mean a PICKLE.


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