Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Another Stubborn One

Well, the baby is a stubborn one.

But wait!

We did find out the sex.

After the baby decided to remove its hand from between its legs.

Seriously, are my kids stubborn or what?

But let me back up.

(And stop scrolling to the bottom you cheater!)

Tommy wasn't able to be in the room as there were no children allowed. Lucky for us, Jennifer said she'd watch him for us. So we dropped him off and he didn't even care to say goodbye. He was too busy playing with Christopher.

Then off to the hospital we went.

And we waited.

So I drank water.

And waited.

So I drank water.

And waited.

So I drank some more water.

Finally we were called back.

By then I had to pee. But, as most people know, they recommend that you drink a lot of water before an ultrasound.

I was practically doing my pee dance as he led us back into a room.

"I'm Dr. Reynolds, I'll be doing your ultrasound today," the guy said robotically. "What's your birthday?"

And here, I thought he was asking for the baby's birthday so I was all, "March 17th.."

He glanced at his chart and went, "Hrm that's not what it says here. When is your birthday?" he repeated.


My birthday.

You see, I had to pee so bad my hearing was off.

So I gave him that.

Then he nodded.

"Okay go ahead and lay back and expose your belly. Here are some towels to tuck down into your pants so you don't get gel on them," he continued mechanically.

See, in Lakenheath, the OB/GYN doctors don't give later ultrasounds. They do the 10 week ones and basically check for the heart and the fact that the baby is growing properly. They are unable to do the later ones.

I have no idea why not.

So here, you get the ultrasound done at radiology. The technican measures everything and then you get to go to OB/GYN and have the doctor tell you exactly what's going on.

It's confusing, let me tell you.

Unfortunately, I could barely see the monitor as the doctor began. It faced him and I had to crane my neck to see.

(And ouch, my neck is hurting now. I was close to saying, "Let me see my baby your heartless robot!")

He measured this and that.

There were no words for ten minutes.

And with him pressing down on my stomach not only was it making my bladder unhappy but I realized I had to fart too.

Which obviously I couldn't do.

Then I'd be forever known as the patient who farted during an ultrasound.

Tom watched the screen obviously. I kept wanting to say, "What is the baby doing, is he okay?"

The technican didn't seem alarmed about anything so I'm assuming that there isn't a third arm growing out of anyplace.

Finally, blissfully, the technican spoke.

"Did you want to know the sex?" he asked.

"Yes," I practically shouted. (And, while you're at it, can I see my freakin' baby??)

So he moved the thing around.

"Hrm," he began.

Then I was slightly panicked that something was wrong. Did my baby have no privates? Were Tom and I going to have to decide what to raise it as? A girl or a boy? Oh lord, how do I make that decision?? Do I flip a coin, do I..

"The baby is covering up," the doctor explained.

I craned my neck.

"See, here is the arm. And it's covering right between the legs."



He moved the wand around.

"Let me see if I can tell..."

A few seconds passed.

"Baby is still covering up," we were told.

My heart was sinking a little bit.

We weren't going to find out just because I was carrying a shy/stubborn baby.

I could just picture the baby laughing in there as he/she covered up the one piece we needed to see.

But then..

"Ahh there it goes.."

More wand moving.

"It's a girl."

My eyes practically bugged out of my head.

"Are you SURE?" I spat out which caused the doctor to jump slightly.

He kept the wand around the area. "Well I'm not seeing any testicles or penis. So I'm almost positive.."

A girl?



"A girl?" I practically shouted. "We've been calling him a boy for so long.."

I think the doctor was slightly worried I was unhappy. But then I explained that we wanted a girl, but were so sure we were having another boy.

Then he was finished.

I go to OB/GYN tomorrow afternoon to have the ultrasound pictures explained.

And the baby--a girl--refused to let the OB/GYN do one of those cute profile pictures that so many people get.

Nope, our baby was staring the entire time.

I did get two pictures of her looking at us. Probably wondering, "Now who in the HELL is disturbing me now?"

We walked out of that room in a daze.

"A girl.." I kept whispering.

Then I laughed.

And couldn't stop laughing until we were at the car.

"What?" Tom asked, surprised.

I rubbed my stomach. "She is SO going to rebel when she's older. I can picture it now: 'You called me a boy for the longest time, it's no wonder I'm the way that I am! You did this to me!'" I rubbed my stomach again. "We apologize Waffle, for calling you a boy."

"You can't call her Waffle anymore," Tom pointed out. "She's Waffette!"

A girl..



I am still in disbelief.

I get a girl?

I get to dress her up?

Tom is thrilled. He keeps saying, "Well we did it! We got what we wanted! My boys DO make girls after all!"

On the drive to get Tommy I said cheerfully, "So her name is Aurora Elizabeth!"

Tom made a face. "Um..no.."

"But you said you didn't mind that name!" I argued.

"That's when I was sure it was a boy. We can't name her Aurora."

Oh man..


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