Saturday, October 28, 2006

A Small Space

I always knew my husband was loud.

And now it's been confirmed three times over.

But let me back up.

We're officially moved out of our house. We had the final inspection yesterday. I'll be thankful if I never see a bottle of 409 or Windex for a long long time. You never realize how filthy your home is until all the furniture is gone.

So there was a lot of scrubbing after the movers left.

Speaking of the movers, they were nice enough but reeked of smoke.

And they broke our couch.

Not all the way but one of the attached cushions snapped off when they were pushing it into the van.

I was not pleased.

So that's something we get to claim in Wyoming and let me tell you, the claiming process is a pain in the butt.

The final inspection went well. The inspector made me nervous, he was actually opening cupboards and, well, everything...I had it in my head that he'd just walk around the house and make sure there weren't any big stains. It made me so nervous that I had to leave the room and sit in the living room with Tommy. Each time he'd open a cupboard I'd suck in my breath and I'm sure I paled slightly.

We passed, obviously.

And now, the house is no longer ours.

As for our hotel room..

See, in the military, when you leave a base they usually give you what's known as TLF or Temporary Living Facilities. It's a like a mini (MINI) apartment. Something you'd find in New York City, I imagine.

We thought we'd be getting that.

We got our keys, no problem. Found the building we were in, no problem. Stuck the key in the door, opened it and..

Walked straight into the one room that would be ours until November 1st.

It's a regular hotel room!

No living space.

Just a bed. A rollaway bed for Tommy. A TV, bathroom and several dressers. The kitchen is tiny tiny, you have to share with the person in the attached room so that means no quick dart to the kitchen for water in your underwear.

(This morning I think I scared our kitchen mates, I had just woken up, got dressed [thank goodness I got dressed] but had not brushed my hair yet. My hair, when I wake up, goes everywhere and I was busy preparing Tommy's waffles when the neighbor walked in. I made her jump and she went, "Oh my..")

Also, there is no stove!

Which means we've had to eat out a lot, which means more money spent.

We have sandwiches for lunch.

But there are only so many sandwiches a person can take!

So we usually go out for dinner.

In TLF you get a stove so I was planning on preparing meals.

But we can't.

Do you know how difficult it is being in a confined space with two boys?

Tommy usually goes to bed at 830 but obviously he won't since Tom and I are still up. We can't exactly roll him in the bathroom (not enough space) or the kitchen (the neighbors would call social services I'm sure.) So he's usually up until we go to bed, running all over the place. I mean there is NO place to send the kid.

And Tom..


I love him to pieces but he gets bored fast. He's been playing his PSP but then he'll grow tired of that and be all, "I'm bored.." And I'm sitting there reading, because I'm quite capable of entertaining myself and he's suddenly all over me, resting his head on my shoulder, my lap and I'm all,


Yes I finally snapped today and said that.

I mean crap, we've been in that tiny room since Wednesday.

I've had it.

I'm an only child, I'm used to SPACE.

Of course Tom got all insulted.

But where could he stalk off?

So he huffed and puffed on the bed, muttered out, "You don't love me," and then grumbled under his breath.

Then he started playing PSP again.

We have been watching quite a bit of I watched America's Next Top Model and Tom took it all seriously.

"Oh my gosh they can't vote her off, it's her GRADUATION DAY!" he kept saying over and over.

(I guess when you're confined to a tiny space small things become very very important.)

So yes.

I feel like I'm going insane.

I keep calling the front desk, asking for a bigger space.

"Ma'am I don't think you understand. I'm pregnant, I need to rest, I can't rest because my four year old won't sit still, my husband zones out on his PSP and snores like a bear..I need space!"

And I'm told the same thing: "We have no TLF available.."


Let's hope we make it to the States all in one piece.


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