Sunday, October 15, 2006

Genital Tenderloin

"Um Amber?"

"Yes Tom?"

"Why is there something that looks like a penis in our fridge?"

"Oh! That's the pork tenderloin."

"It, um, doesn't look appealing."

And I must agree with Tom, the pork tenderloin doesn't look appealing.

After all it's this long hunk of meat that does sort of resemble a penis. Sans le balls that is.

When I went to pick it up at the grocery store I was at a loss. I had never cooked tenderloin before so I didn't know what I was looking for. I wandered into the pork section and peered at all the different choices. Nope, didn't need butterfly loins. Didn't need regular chops. OH! There's the pork tenderloin! But why...why does it look like a body part that's generally covered up?

The penis--er tenderloin--is in the crockpot as I write this. I'm trying a new recipe. All you had do to was put the tenderloin in the crock pot, cover it with cream of celery and cream of mushroom soup mixed with one of those onion packages--and that's it!

It smells delicious.

Even Tom came in from work and said it smelled good.

"See the penis is going to be tasty," I said with a grin.

In other news, I forgot to mention that I saw the new Lost. Of course I did, I can't be patient enough for Sky to finally air it. Thankfully Chris downloads it and puts it on a disk for us all to watch. I love the show, I really do. It's one of my favorites. It seems that in this season we'll learn more about those Others and Kate will finally choose between Jack and Sawyer. Not that I care, I mean does it matter who she picks? I just want to learn more about the island not who Kate makes out with.

And of course I've been watching the new Desperate Housewives. The show seems better this season than last. I was talking about the show with my Mom on the phone:

"Yes and Mom, the show seems to really like killing people. And poor Bree, always ending up with a complete nutter. I'm sorry, if someone told me my husband had killed his former wife, I wouldn't marry them. And poor Gabrielle and Carlos! They finally think they're going to be parents and the baby turns out to be black..."

It's around the middle of the conversation when Tom walked in. His eyes got all big when I mentioned the word "husband" and "killed" in the same sentence.

"WHAT?" he asked as I prattled on.

I held up a finger.

He knows I hate to be interupted when I'm on the phone.

Then when I mentioned that a baby had suddenly turned black his mouth dropped opened in surprise.

"WHO are you talking about?" he demanded.

"Desperate Housewives," I hissed and went back to my conversation.

"Weird show," Tom muttered and headed off into the kitchen.

And he's right, it is.

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