Wednesday, November 15, 2006

It's Bigger Here


Well, I'm in Texas now, visiting my parents.

I'll be here for a week.

Our journey began from Ohio at five in the morning.


It's because our plane left at 8.

Tommy was full of energy right away.


I'm all, "Kid, let's be quiet, Mommy is still half asleep.."

But he was chattering away about the airplane and running around the room.

He was a little impatient in the airport--he wanted to get right on the plane and wasn't pleased when I told him we had to wait.

"No, I don't want to wait!" he'd retort and then start singing a song which I may have found adorable had it been in the afternoon.

When we got to Atlanta we had a two hour wait. And at that point I was exhausted so I started hallucinating again. Remember, when we came in from London I swear I saw Amy Roloff (she's the dwarf on that show Little People, Big World ) but it turned out not to be her at all.

This time I thought I was able to understand Spanish.

This Hispanic woman took a seat beside me and started jabbing away on her cell phone. She was speaking Spanish and then suddenly I could understand her. It was like this:

"Blah blah ichi blah blah and tell her I said NO to that!"

My eyes grew wide. Was I so tired that I could understand Spanish? Had Dora helped me that much?

I nudged Tom, who was seated beside me. He glanced over and I whispered, "I can understand Spanish now.."

Tom raised an eyebrow and looked at me like I was nuts.

The Hispanic woman was back to prattling into her phone. I couldn't understand her at first.

Then all of a sudden she went, "No I don't want to do that. Not now."

"See Tom? I understand that! I suppose I only understand certain phrases.." I said seriously.

Tom was still giving me a disbelieving look. Then he leaned down into my ear and said, "She's speaking Spanish and English, Amber. I could understand that too.."


It turns out she was alternating between Spanish and English.

So the Spanish words I know are still excellente (excellent), si (yes) and no (no.)

Tommy fell asleep on the flight from Atlanta to Texas for about an hour so I closed my eyes--wasn't able to fall asleep though because my husband is incapable of entertaining himself. I'd close my eyes and he'd poke at me.

"What?" I'd grumble.

"Whatcha doing?" he'd ask.

"Trying to sleep!" I'd snap.

Then he'd rub my stomach. "Hello Natalie!"

"Could you not touch me?"

"I'm just saying hello to our daughter.."

"And I'm trying to sleep! Read a magazine!"

"I don't like to read."

"Look at the pictures."

"Nicole Richie scares me and she's in that magazine.."

"Tom honestly!"

"Oh the drink cart is coming through!"

So yes, I wasn't able to sleep.

When we landed in Texas it was a climate change.


Tommy went in the pool an hour after we arrived.

Tommy loves that pool.

Then we had the infamous bean soup for dinner. Tom said he'd try it. I think when he realized my parents weren't going to chop off his balls or lecture at him that he began to relax some.

So he was all, "Yeah I'll try it.."

(Even though with the corn bread he was all, "Wait they don't use Country Crock? Who doesn't not use Country Crock??")

I thought the bean soup was delicious.

I watched as Tom took a bite--his eyes grew big and they started to water. He immediately took a gulp of his drink and then a big bite of corn bread.

"Good?" Mom asked.

Tom swallowed. "It's good but..spicy.."

He's not used to spicy foods.

I come from a family who likes to put chili powder into almost everything.

Tom did eat most of his bowl though. He'd just take a big drink of water followed by a bite of corn bread.

After dinner Mom took me to Kohls!

Because she had a 20% off coupon that ended last night.

Tom wasn't interested in going.

Which was fine by me!

(I think he's shoppinged out.)

I found some cute maternity tops. I think I'm set on maternity clothes now. Plus I found a pair of khakis.

Then I found some Stewie comfy pants for Tom and a Family Guy t-shirt. He loves that show. He bought volume three last week and watched it all in one day.

I am not amused by that show. I mean there are funny parts but I prefer The Simpsons.

The stuff for Tom is for Christmas though.

My Mom ended up buying me the maternity stuff which was nice. So she got me those two shirts and the pants.

Then the cashier let me use the 20% off coupon AGAIN for my stuff.

See why I love Kohls?

So friendly..

Right now I need to find lunch. Tom just asked, "What's for lunch?"

I said, "Leftovers.."

That's basically all my parents have for lunch.

Or sandwiches made with Healthy Choice meat.

I think Tom might be losing some weight while he's here. Hah. Because he also told Mom that he'd go on her two mile walks with her in the morning.

So hey, if you ever want to lose weight, visit my parents!

Tom is carrying his gun around--no, he didn't bring protection--my parents let him choose two guns from the collection my Grandpa had and he picked out a Springfield and some old Japanese gun used in WW2. He cleaned them both this morning and has been carrying around the Japanese gun in its case most of the morning..

He told me, "They're beautiful.."

You'd think he was describing a woman or something.

I'm off to eat lunch.


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