Friday, November 10, 2006

A Date Night

So Tom's Mom said that Tom and I could go out for a date one night.

Tom looked at me and went, "When do you want to go?"


Where is the romance?

The love?

The surprise?

"You're supposed to surprise me," I spoke up.

Tom looked completely taken aback. His eyes flew open and he had a look of bewilderment splashed on his face.

"Um a surprise?"

He still looked confused.

"Yes one night surprise me and say you're taking me out!" I answered cheerfully. "Better yet..come to the door and ring the bell..we can pretend we're going on a first date!"

Tom looked horrified. "Pretend?"

(His imagination is limited to pretending to shoot things on the computer.)

"Yes pretend. It'll be nice," I said, stressing the word nice.

Tom was silent for a moment. He was obviously contemplating all of this. Probably thinking, "Crap I just planned on going up to Amber and asking, "Wanna eat?" Now I have to PRETEND?"

"Amber," he began slowly and carefully. "It will be hard to pretend with Tommy screeching in the background and you, well, out to here," Tom said, motioning to my stomach which has begun to poke out more.

"I can be a single mother and you can be my brave date, willing to take on another man's children," I replied with a grin.

Tom's brows furrowed. "Um. No."

"Oh fine."

I gave a sigh.

"Where would you take me?" I asked.

Tom shrugged. "I don't know. Dinner and a movie?"

I clapped my hands. "Oh great. I want to see that new Santa Clause movie!"

Tom pulled a face. "No. That looks dumb."

"Fine. There's a new Will Ferrel movie out. He's funny."

"Blah," came Tom's answer.

"You impossible man," I grumbled. "What do YOU want to see?"

"A movie where things blow up," Tom replied.


"Then no movie."



A silence.

"So when are we going out to dinner at least?" I spoke up. A dinner without Tommy is exciting. After all it meant I didn't have to entertain a four-year-old while trying to shovel food in my mouth at the same time. And I didn't have to cut anyone else's meat but my own! And I could..*gasp*..take my time and not have to worry about Tommy's impatience.

(Of course I still get to worry about Tom's impatience. He shovels in food like it's no tomorrow. If you comment on it he'll exclaim, "Look if you didn't eat fast in basic training you didn't eat at all.")

"I'm not saying when we're going out to dinner. You wanted a surprise, remember," Tom said with a sneaky grin.

I have no idea when we'll go.

We shall see.


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