Saturday, November 25, 2006

A Surprise Party

Last night we went to Wal-Mart to get that new Ice Age movie. I wanted to get the one that was $14. Tom wanted the one for $19 that came with an additional Scrat movie.

"Tom, let's just get the $14 one," I said impatiently.

He held up the DVD with the Scrat movie. "But this one has extra Scrat, Amber, do you not understand?? It's SCRAT?!" He stared at me with big eyes.

I just let him get the one with the Scrat movie if it meant that much.


In the middle of Wal-Mart Tom all of a sudden announced he had to go look at car parts.

"Um..okay?" I said to his disappearing back as he walked down the aisle.

He returned about fifteen minutes later. Behaving all suspicious like but pretending he had no idea what I was talking about when I inquired about his behavior.

Then he snapped at me when I tried to set my bag in the trunk.

"GET AWAY FROM HERE!" he barked.

Thank goodness I didn't have to pee or anything. I might have gone a little bit.

Of course I kept asking what he did. His sister was with us and she kept saying, "It's nothing.."

What was it? What was it? This kept running through my head as we drove home.

"Can I have a hint?" I piped up.

"No," Tom quickly responded.

"Just a small hint," I pleaded.

"No hint!"


Then when we got home I was banished in the bedroom. I sat down, twiddling my thumbs, trying to figure out what it was.

"You can come out now," Tom said a few minutes later.

I leaped on him. "What is it??" I demanded.

He kissed my nose. "You'll see at Christmas."


Who did he think he was talking to?

This morning we went to the mall to pick up his Grandma after her hair appointment. Then we drove back to Tom's Mom's house. I still was trying to figure out what Tom had gotten me.

When we walked in the front door I figured it out.

A surprise Baby Shower.

I had never had a Baby Shower with Tommy.

So I was shocked!

Most of the family was there with a spread of food. And a cake! With loads of buttercream frosting. In fact that's the first thing I noticed.

"It's cake!" I whispered to Tom, who laughed.

And the table was covered with presents.


(For Natalie.)

Natalie got a lot of clothes. In fact that's all she got because people knew we couldn't ship big stuff back. She got the cutest things..(oh please oh please let her stay a girl!)

Tom's Mom got us the cutest crib set--it's a Disney Princess one.

And she said she'd buy us the crib!

We're getting a crib that converts.

Then it was time to chow down. I loaded my plate up with food then ate some cake.


And thank goodness, this wasn't a baby shower where ridiculous games were played like guess the baby food (I mean gross!) and guess what food is in the diaper. (Double gross!)

I hate cheesy party games.

Maybe that makes me a party pooper but I was grateful we didn't play any.

(Especially that one where you can't say the word "baby." I hate that game. How can you not say baby at a baby shower?!)

So that was my surprise. A party for Natalie.

Tonight Tom is getting McDonalds for the kids. Tommy is all, "McDonalds today, McDonalds today!" And Brittney is doing the same thing, asking Tom when he's getting McDonalds.

I'm still stuffed from all the food I pigged out on.

Of course there's always room for fries..


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