Friday, November 24, 2006

We Did Shopping!


Did my debit card get a workout today.

Yup, I was one of those people who emerged from the house on Black Friday.

Not at the crack of dawn, mind you. Sorry, nothing is worth my waking up at five in the morning. Well, maybe clothes for 80% off but that will never happen so my sleep is safe. I'm always in awe of those people who stand in line, sometimes in the freezing cold, for a good deal. Granted I'm all for sales--believe me I am--but not before I get a proper amount of sleep. If I were to ever emerge that early I'd be the one with a pissed off expression on my face with messed up hair, clad in my pajamas.

Plus, people can get nuts over toys.


I can never understand it when I read how a pair of parents argued and wrestled over a toy. Sure little Sally might really want that Super Duper doll that announces to the room when she needs a diaper change but honestly, little Sally can deal without.

We didn't get to Kohls until 11.

The parking lot wasn't packed, thank goodness. That would have freaked out Tom. He found a spot and said he was heading next door to Hobby Lobby and that he'd call me to find out where he was.

Then I entered Kohls.

Beautiful beautiful Kohls.

So many deals, so little time. (Seriously. The early bird sale ended at 1.)

They were out of carts so I grabbed one of their bags and got to stuffing.

I found presents for Jennifer, Chris and Christopher. Yay!

I was in the toy section when Tom called me. I didn't even realize it was my phone for the first few seconds. I'm so used to NOT having a cell phone. Then music kept coming from my purse (I had thought it was an obnoxious toy and was thinking, "Holy crap I am so not getting that!") A few seconds later I realized it was my obnoxious phone and answered.

"Where are you?" came Tom's tight response.

"Erm. The toys."

"Where is that?"

" the back of the store?"

A sigh.

"WHERE in the back of the store?"

"The left?? No wait the right. No the left!"

"I'm coming."

A few seconds later Tom appeared looking uncomfortable. The store wasn't packed to the brim but there were more people than Tom was comfortable with. He took one look at my shopping bag slung over my shoulder and rolled his eyes.

"Okay.." He began his lecture but I cut him off.

"Most of this is for Jennifer, Chris and Christopher. I got myself one sweater and that's it."

"It's still money." Tom fumed.

Then I wandered into the kid section and found two sleepers for Natalie. Hey, they were only 4 bucks each!

"Okay can you speed it up. The line is stretched.."

Then I got mad. "No. No I will NOT speed up. You go wait outside I'm taking my time," I said stubbornly.

He would NOT ruin my Kohls shopping experience.

So I went into the sleepwear section and found some flannel PJS for 9.99. Size medium for my expanding waist.

Tom was still behind me.

"I won't leave you because then you'll take forever," he grumbled.

"Oh go away!" I hissed.

"Noo," he hissed back.

He was like one of those irritating flies that wouldin't go away.

Of course he got distracted when we got to the luggage. He wanted a new suitcase.

See, he complains about spending money but then he goes and wants to spend it on something we really don't even need. He just says his suitcase is falling apart but it seems fine to me. However, I said nothing and let him pick one out.

He found one marked from $199 to $99.

Then we got in line and surprisingly it moved fast.

I think the total was $230.

So I got $40 Kohls cash!

Which means I get to go BACK to Kohls next week.


After that we got some lunch. Then we went to Old Navy where I got a soft outfit for Natalie. In white just in case she does surprise us with a penis.

Oh and I forgot to mention, Tommy wasn't with us. He was at his Great Grandma's house decorating cookies.

So it was a kid free shopping day.

Which I loved.

Tonight we're going to Wal-Mart after Tommy goes to bed. I'm not sure what'll be left but Tom wants the new Ice Age movie because he's a big kid and he's all, "We need it! We need it now!"


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