Thursday, November 23, 2006

Tom's Big Mouth

So Happy Thanksgiving.

Tommy is currently playing upstairs with his cousins--if I try to take him from the room he'll look at me with wide eyes and say, "Where's Brittney going? Is Brittney coming?" Of course you can definately tell a difference from the way boys and girls play when you watch them. Brittney got out a princess game and asked Tommy if he wanted to play. Tommy said, "Yes," and when the pieces were set up he pretended one of the princesses was a superhero with a gun and Brittney was all, "No Tommy you play like THIS!"

Needless to say the game ended pretty quickly.

Last night we went to Golden Corral--my longtime readers might remember that Tom and I went there quite often when we were stationed in Nebraska. It was the rolls, I think. And for me, the all you can eat dessert buffet. Believe me, I all you can eat that dessert. I think the people who worked at Golden Corral had photos of me in the back that stated: "Watch her. She eats A LOT."

What? Gotta get my moneys worth you know. I'll never be one of those girls who eat a few slivers of lettuce and call that a meal.

And speaking of that, I was reading through countless magazines--reading material for the airplane you see--and there were so many different ways they stated to count calories and watch your calories on Thanksgiving.


If someone is watching calories on Thanksgiving then wow, what will power. Because I load up my plate. I'm not just going to have a fistful of turkey and other side dishes just because that's the proper amount. Are the food people insane? I could give a rat's toushie if I consume over 2000 calories today.

Because it's Thanksgiving and I can.

Anyhow at Golden Corral Tom and his sister Missy were doing their usual bantering. They go back and forth in a playful way and it's amusing to hear and watch. I can't quite remember what was said..I believe Missy stated that she was tired and Tom retorted with, "Hey Missy! 1-800-Whine!" or something like that. Missy reminded him that she had just driven 5 hours and Tom said, "I'm tired too. I have a reason to be tired.."

And then apparently I turned bright red.

Because earlier, Tom and I know...

Missy caught my horrified expression--the red cheeks, the wide eyes and burst out laughing.

All the while I was nudging Tom in his arm--hard--and hissing, "TOMMMMM!" while he laughed along.

The joke continued on outside. Tom's Mom wasn't quite sure what was going on. But I think Missy filled her in as we walked to the cars because Tom's Mom suddenly said, "I thought I heard a moan last night!" And because I am unable to make any type of witty remark off the top of my head I said, "Oh we didn't do anything last night!"

Which just made it worse of course..

Why couldn't I have just pretended to not know what was going on?

So now Missy AND Tom's Mom knows that we fornicated in her home.

Oh the humiliation.


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