Saturday, December 9, 2006

The New Baby

So, if you were to ask Tom about his baby he'd probably automatically say, "Yeah, my truck is a beauty.." leaving the person baffled.

Because guess what, Tom has his truck.

I do have pictures, and I promise, I'll post them as soon as our regular computer is set up with the Internet.

It's this dark red huge thing that I will never drive.

Tom, he's in love. With his truck. Just the other day he said, "Isn't my truck the prettiest thing you've ever seen?"

I cleared my throat.

He said bless you.

I cleared my throat again, louder and he realized what I was doing.

"Oh of course you're prettier," he said quickly in a way that I didn't quite believe him.

I took Tommy by the hand and lead him over to Tom, who was still gazing at his truck in awe.

"Tom, isn't your own son better looking that a silly old truck?" I rested my hand on Tom of Tommy's golden hair and Tom peeled his eyes away from his beloved for a few seconds.

"Huh? Oh of course he is." He bent down to Tommy's level. "You are a great looking kid but son..what do you think about Daddy's truck??"

Tommy stared at the truck and went, "Oooo big truck. Daddy's truck."

"And we're going to keep it neat and clean, right?" Tom continued in a stern tone. "No food allowed to be eaten in my truck. This will not be like the PT Cruiser where I find stale fries everywhere. My truck is a food free zone."

Okay then.

We've gone for a few drives in it. I managed to hoist myself up by gripping onto the handle on the passenger seat. It wasn't easy at first, I probably looked like a retarded monkey as I hung on for dear life and attempted to hoist myself into the seat.

"Poor sweetheart!" Tom said and rushed over to help.

I wasn't sure who he was talking to.

(Was he worried about his wife, who is with child with his first and only daughter? Or was he worried that I was gripping his precious truck too hard?? This I will never know..)

Tommy needs help getting in. When Tom showed him where he was to sit Tommy gazed at his booster seat from the ground with wide eyes.

"'s too big!" he complained, trying to jump up.

As we drove along Tom noticed the stares from other people driving by.

"Oh yeah..checking out my truck," Tom said proudly.

Seriously though, a lot of people (men) have approached Tom and asked him about it.

Even the neighbor popped out and was all, "Dude, I'm in love with your truck.."

I half expected Tom to say, "Me too dude. Me too.."


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