Saturday, December 9, 2006

The Wyoming Entry

**Here's the entry on coming to Wyoming. Obviously everything worked out for the house and for Tom's truck. Oh and guess what, our stuff came today! There are boxes everywhere, help!! And Tom is busy putting together Tommy's bed and I keep hearing crashes coming from upstairs, followed by loud cursing. (I just heard, "Son of a BITCH bed, you WILL go together!" followed by another crash.)

Well, I'm here.

In Wyoming.

It wasn't an easy trip. First we realized our airplane was one of those ExpressJets, and let me tell you, those things are cramped. It didn't help that we left 30 minutes later than scheduled.

By the time that we landed we were an hour later than planned.

Which wouldn't have been so bad if we didn't have a shuttle to catch.

Of course we missed that shuttle. We got there at 1140 and were told that the shuttle left at 1120 and the next one wouldn't arrive until 220.

I cried.

Tom looked a little surprised as he paid for our shuttle tickets and then brought me to his chest.

"It'll be okay. Really," he kept saying.

"But I just want to lay down!" I sobbed.

We were stuck at the Denver airport for three hours.

We decided to get something to eat.

And then we just sat at a table for the rest of the time. Let me also point out that we were lugging three suitcases, three big carry ons, and a cranky four year old who continued to ask, "Where's the bus?"

Three suitcases you ask?

Well, hah, it turns out two suitcases weren't working for us. Mine was overstuffed, Tom's was close to being overstuffed...then his Mom suggested using another suitcase and Tom huffed and puffed at first: "If Amber didn't buy so much STUFF..." but then realized it was the right choice.

We probably looked like bag people in the airport. Tom lugged most of the stuff on one of those airport carts with my carry on strapped to his back while I pushed Tommy along and delt with the other suitcase.

Finally it was time for the shuttle which thankfully arrived on time.

We had to transfer at Ft. Collins. I kept my eyes peeled out for the stores that were supposed to be there but couldn't see any. (Kohls, Toys R Us, Golden Corral and several others are around..)

We got on a smaller bus that would take us to Cheyenne.

And people weren't kidding when they said there wasn't much along that route.

It was pretty barren.

We were dropped off at a hotel just outside the base and our sponsor was waiting for us.

She drove us to the base--still wasn't much to see--and then showed us briefly around the base.

As we drove through the base there was an antelope on the side of the road eating.

Hrm, I don't think we're in England anymore.

Tom went to the hotel to get our room keys--only to find out that we didn't have a reservation even though he had called two weeks before to confirm.


Thankfully they had a room. A proper TLF room. In England we were given one basic room and it was pure hell.

Right now I'm proud to say that we're in a two bedroom TLF complete with a living room and kitchen. Oh and wireless internet.

Our sponsor also took us to Wal-Mart last night to pick up some food. It made me feel better to see actual stores. There was also a Target, a Chilis, an IHOP, a China Buffet and several other places along the strip--and it only was about 10 minutes from the base.

Problem is, we don't have a vehicle at the moment.

Tom's truck is in Casper, which is three hours away from the base.

It's been rumored that someone from his squadron will take him to pick up the truck this week.

I hope.

Tom hopes.

He's all, "I want my truck!"

I'm all, "I want a house!"

And speaking of that, we should be able to drop by housing tomorrow and figure out when we'll get one.

(Please be three bedroom! The military likes to shove families into two bedrooms until one of the children is six--then you're allowed to get an extra room. However, when I phoned housing they did say that if a three bedroom was available, that we'd get it.)

I just want a house again.

Oh and yes it's cold here. This morning we walked to the BX and Commissary and I was thankful for the new coat I bought.

Right now I'm trying to figure out what service we want to use when we do get a house. Apparently Qwest and a place called Bresnan are the two best ones to use for TV, phone and DSL.

We'll learn more about the base tomorrow. Tom checks in and I'm sure he'll be given a folder of information.

At least we're "home."


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