Friday, December 1, 2006

Off To Wyoming

Well, we're packing to go.

We leave tomorrow.

(For those who don't know, we're moving to a new base in Wyoming. We were just staying with our family for a month so Tom could take a breather from work and we could get used to the States again. We don't know when we'll get a house in Wyoming, apparently it doesn't take long to get one. We shall see.)

If the weather holds up that is. We heard that Denver was dumped with 20 inches of snow. Denver is where we're flying into. Then we take a shuttle up to Wyoming.

If the shuttle even runs.

See, I can sit around and be patient if I need to. But my kid can't. He wants to run around and then he starts to get loud.

"Please can we go?" he'll ask over and over.

Tom isn't much better at entertaining himself. He'll start to lean over my shoulder and read my magazine like that. Which bugs the ever loving mess out of me. I can't stand when someone reads over my shoulder. It sends shivers up my spine and I can't concentrate.

So please please, keep good weather vibes in your thoughts.

Oh and that we can fit everything into our suitcase.

Mine is already stuffed and I have another load in the wash.

Tom has some spare room but he's giving me problems about using it.

"I TOLD you to pack light!"

Pack light isn't in my vocabulary, I'm sorry.

I hear Tom downstairs whining to his Mom.

"Amber has too much, I TOLD her, now we're running out of space!"

His Mom just said not to worry, that she can mail stuff.

He's still freaking out down there.

That's why I left. He kept snapping at me so I just walked out of the room.

Oh and he found the stash of books I hid in the outer flap of his suitcase. He just shouted out, "STOP PUTTING YOUR STUFF IN MINE!"


I'll write when I can in Wyoming. I've no idea if the TLF rooms have internet connection or where the library is.

Gosh, I hope we make it there. I worry about the snow and our plane being delayed.

Gotta go. Tom is still flipping out and Tommy just shouted, "Mommy I scared of LazyTown."

Me too, kid. Me too.


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