Friday, December 8, 2006

Here I Am!


So I'm standing here in the new house.

Totally bumming someone's wireless internet.

(Bad me.)

But I'm not downloading anything so it's all good.

Our Internet will be set up on Tuesday at least.

I have a more detailed entry on the trip over to Wyoming but I'm currently logged into Tom's account on the computer so it's not there. Eventually I'll post that--probably tomorrow.

Right now we're waiting for our Hold Baggage to come in. Oh, and our new bed. I let Tom pick that out because he always complains that he can't sleep at night.

My crock pot is in hold baggage! I missed it. Tom is all, "You missed your CROCK POT???"

Er. Yes.

Tom should be getting his new truck in tomorrow. Let me tell you, that was a hassle and a half. I won't go into details because it seems everything has worked out. Finally. But he's excited about it and I'm just wondering how the heck I'm supposed to leap my pregnant self into it.

(Tom says he'll lift me. But he doesn't realize that I'm all baby and baby is quite heavy. So picture Tom grunted and panting as he lifts me into his precious truck while I'm all, "Ahh don't drop me!")

When will the rest of our stuff be here? I have no clue. We were told the middle of December.

Where are we going to put all of it?

I don't know.

This house does have a garage and a small laundry room. But I suffer from TMC.

(Too much crap.)

I can't help it, it's very hard for me to throw stuff out. Now I can get rid of Tommy's old baby clothes since we're having a boy--but suppose Natalie turns into Nathan?? It's not like we're crapping money or anything. So I'll probably have to wait until after the baby is born unless they do another ultrasound.

I just miss my stuff.


I do have pictures of the house. Which I'll post sometime. I just need to put my photo program on the laptop so I don't overwhelm all you diary people with huge oversized pictures.


Tom is bored so I need to get off. I think he may have ADHD too because I notice if nothing entertains him he'll pace around the house, which makes me nervous. Then he starts to talk and talk and talk (like he's doing now) and I just want to shout, "Go READ. Go do SOMETHING!" like I do with Tommy sometimes.

("But I don't like to read. And there's nothing to do but go on the computer and you're on it," was Tom's reply.)


Oh and I think we found a school for Tommy. It's called Stride Learning Center and it caters to children with speech delays and other various issues. It's right by the base and if he qualifies (which I'm almost sure he will) it's free. (The base doesn't have a preschool.)

I'm off to read my book then. Because I do like to read, even though I have to park my big butt on the hard floor since we are lacking a couch or chair.

I bought the new Phillipa Gregory book "The Boleyn Inheritance," and I can start that. It was an early Christmas present since it was hardback and $22 bucks and all.

We're also getting the rest of Tommy's presents at Wal-Mart on Saturday.

I just can't believe all the CHOICES I have.

Because if I can't find it at Wal-Mart, Target is right down the road. If I can't find it at Target I can hop online and any place will send stuff to us.


Okay so I'm off because now Tom is just staring at me. He just went, "You make the funniest expressions when you're typing. What are you typing? What all could have happened in the past few days? Are you writing your life story? Are you writing everything I say? Stop that! I hate when you do that, STOP IT..."


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