Monday, December 18, 2006

School and Snow

So Tommy started school today.

He goes in the afternoons Monday-Thursday.

Only this week he only goes Monday and Tuesday because then they go on Christmas break until January.

He was thrilled to be going to school. He's been asking ever since we got here when he'd be going to school.

"Please Mommy I want to go to school," he'd beg, clasping his hands in front of him.

We were told by several people on the base that this particular school was a good one. It deals with children with speech delays, sensory processing disorder, autism, ADHD, mental retardation...regular developing children also go there. It's free, so long as you don't make too much money. Which we don't.

Anyhow Tommy got in because of his speech delay, sensory processing disorder and ADHD. He'll have speech and occupational therapists working with him.

We toured the school and it looked like a good one. Tommy's teachers seemed friendly and I got an overall good feeling about the school.

(He's going off base because this base doesn't have a preschool.)

A bus comes and picks him up. Not a huge bus but one of those small ones because after all, it's preschool. He woke up this morning and went, "I go to school today?" He grabbed his backpack that he picked out (a Cars backpack of course) and asked if we were going now.

"Not yet honey. Let's eat some breakfast and get dressed."

Tommy didn't eat much breakfast. I think he was too excited. He was bouncing around and after each bite of waffle he'd go, "I'm all done, Mommy. Time to go to school?" He'd look at me hopefully and I'd have to tell him no, not yet.

He was waiting in front of the door thirty minutes before the bus was due to arrive. He was just ready.

When the bus came I walked him out and a woman stepped out to greet him. She squatted to his level and asked how he was doing and then led him on the bus.

"Bye bye, Tommy. Mommy will be waiting for you," I said, pressing a kiss to his cheek.

He didn't even CARE. He just went, "Bye!" and happily climbed onto the bus.

Okay then.

I waved until the bus was out of sight and then came back inside to a quiet house.

It's weird.

Then Tom came home from training and took me out to lunch.

We went to Perkins, which is like Dennys. They serve the best muffins. Today I got the chocolate chunk muffin and brought it home for dessert tonight. So good.

Plus it was nice to eat out without worrying about Tommy getting impatient. Because he does. He'll start to fidget and go, "Mommy I want to go home!" We'll try to distract him with crayons and books but he'll usually sigh at us and say, "I want to go home." Then sometimes he'll climb underneath the table and sit there, saying he's in a car.

So yeah, going out without him was pleasant.

Though I still missed him.

He should be home in about an hour so I better get some cleaning done. Vacuuming, to be exact, because vacuum noises freak him out. He loves looking at vacuums when they are off but if they're on he covers his ears and says it's too loud TOO LOUD and runs up to his room. (It's the sensory processing thing..)


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