Thursday, December 21, 2006

Weather Cursed

I'm sorry Wyoming.

I'm sorry Colorado.

But I fear I must admit that I am weather cursed.

Cold weather cursed, to be more precise.

Every single place that I go to, something cold weather related occurs.

When we got to Nebraska I believe there was a terrible storm.

When we got to England it was the wettest summer that they've ever had.

And now, Wyoming.

When we first got here the wind was horrible.

Come to find out people continued to say, "This is the worst it's been all year."


I wonder why.

Then this blizzard occured.

The worst in years.

I believe it's only the third time that the airport in Denver has been shut down.

Thanks to me.


I don't get it, but I just must not ever deserve to live in a place with warm weather. And if I do get to a place with warm weather, well, watch the temperatures suddenly drop.

The blizzard did get pretty bad.

Luckily we didn't go anywhere but some people were stuck on the roads, the airports, stores, workplaces..

Thank goodness they let Tom off early.

Huge piles of snow sat outside our front door last night.

Tom was able to shovel most of it this morning. But we cannot back the truck out because the mounds of snow behind it are too high.

So we're stuck.

Tommy had a doctor's appointment tonight at 6 but I-25 is still closed and we can't get out of our driveway so I had to cancel. (The appointment was just for his ADHD medication.)

It's 3 in the afternoon now and the mound behind the truck is still there. We're not even sure how the other roads are but highways are still shut down so I imagine it's pretty bad.

Tom was given today off as well. Then he has tomorrow off, because it was a down day to begin with, and obviously Monday since it's Christmas.

Too much snow!

Tommy is all, "I want to play outside."

Hah, the wind is still blowing a little bit, I'm not going out there.

Right now the sun is out so Tom and I are hoping it melts that mound behind the truck. Tom can't even dig into it, it's just too much. He helped the person across the street get out because they tried to back out into it and got stuck.

It's best to just stay put.

We probably won't be going out tomorrow either.

Saturday is when Tommy's appointment was rescheduled so we're hoping the roads will be better then.

It's just crazy.

And people are on the news moaning that they still have to buy Christmas presents.

Yeah we're avoiding Wal-Mart and Target over the weekend for sure.


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