Sunday, January 7, 2007

The Bad Channel

I curse The Military Channel.

The Military Channel is evil.

It's all my husband wants to watch!

I mean if you've seen one man running around with a big gun, you've seen them all.

And airplanes.

Oh lord, the airplanes!

My husband can't get enough of watching World War 2 aircraft flying through the air...

I could walk across the room naked and he'd probably either A) not notice me or B) ask me politely to move out of the way because he's trying to watch a program about the B-17.

I was just kicked off the television because of The Military Channel.

I wanted to watch the new Apprentice!

But no.

Tom was all, "Hey you watched Desperate Housewives, it's my turn."

Which is true. And fair.

(It's very hard for me to take Susan's new boyfriend seriously. He played the Prince on that movie Ever After so I keep picturing him as that. I keep thinking, "Wow he's walking around in real clothes, where are his tights??" Maybe I've watched that movie too many times..)

But dangit, I was an only child, I'm not used to sharing!

We need another TV.

Or a TiVO.


I asked Tom if we could please watch The Apprentice. Even though it had the nerve to start during Desperate Housewives but I figured that missing the first half hour wouldn't be that bad. I mean it just talks about who the people on the program are, and quite frankly, I don't care if one person has a BA or went to Harvard or grew up in the ghetto.

I want the drama!

And I want to see the losing team go camping.

But I can't because of The Military Channel.

They're talking about Hitler.

Hasn't Tom learned ENOUGH about Hitler??

He was a bad man with an awful mustache.

The end.


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