Monday, January 8, 2007

Living Amongst Ghosts


Just got back from doing a bunch of errands.

We had to register the PT Cruiser for Wyoming. We walked in there and the lady was all,

"Do you have proof of registration for your previous home?"

Tom said, "Yes I do. We just got back from England."

We were met with a blank stare.

"England?" the woman said, obviously confused. She tapped her chin a few times. "England," she repeated a little softer.

"Um yes," I spoke up. "You know...Great United Kingdom?"

This must've sparked her brain because her eyes shot open and she clapped her hands. "Oh ENGLAND. The one with the Kings and Queens and the beheadings!"

Tom stifled his laughter beside me while I went, "Yes that's the one..but I'm almost positive that they haven't beheaded anyone there in a long time.."

The woman nodded and took the registration from us. "I bet there are ghosts all over the place walking around.."


"I didn't see any," I said gently.

"England. What a strange place to live I bet," the woman continued.

"It was different but fairly normal.." I assured her.

(I think she pictured us living amongst ghosts or something.)


We had to pay only $9 for the title.

Then we went to get our plates and that was only $15.


It's because Tom is in the military. We get a discount.

I also had my glucose testing done today.

I had to consume this lime drink. With Tommy I remember the drink being much smaller. It was given to me in a Dixie cup. This drink was a lot more.

And the woman stared at me as I drank it.

I hate that!

I think she wanted me to chug it so she could get to the next patient. But I don't chug.


I took small sips and she stared and stared.

She was all, "You have five minutes to finish the drink.."

Okay lady!

And the drink wasn't that bad. It tasted like one of those lime popcicles.

Then I was told to wait for an hour. I had my Nintendo DS so I played my Mario game.

With Tommy I got dizzy from the drink.

This time I felt fine.

Maybe it was the game distraction, I don't know.

I was called back and asked how I was feeling.

"Did you vomit?" the lady asked.


"Oh good. Because if you did you'd have to take the test over again."

So I had blood drawn.

Then I was sent on my way.

I called Tom to let him know I was finished and he was back in five minutes.

Tommy was picked up for school at 1130.

Then Tom went to turn in some uniforms for dry cleaning and we went out to lunch.

A date!

We went to Red Lobster.

Tom's choice.

I do not like seafood.

Well, I do like some breaded fish.

But crabs and lobsters?


Tom got the King Crab Legs.

I got a chicken linguine dish.

When the meals came Tom had me try a crab leg. No one seems to believe that I don't like them. They're forever making me try a bite. I oblige to shut them up.

So I took a bite of Tom's crab legs.


I just don't like that saltiness seafood taste.

Tom enjoyed his meal though. He kept saying, "This is SO good," and I said, "I hope so, it was $25 bucks!"

But we rarely go there so I figured we deserved to splurge. Or Tom at least. My dish was only $7 bucks.

Guess what building was next door?


I gave Tom puppy dog eyes and said, "Please? Can I just pop in??"

Tom was all, "Hah you never just pop into a book store."

I promised I'd be quick.

So he agreed since I said we could eat at Red Lobster. He knows I'm not a fan of seafood.

Off to Barnes and Noble we went.

I just mainly looked in the bargain section.

I found a Big Bathroom Reader for $9 bucks.


It's just a big book of random facts. I have another one already but this was a newer one.

I love random facts.

I don't know why.

Tom actually found more books than me!

He got two World War 2 books.

Of course.

Oh and I got my Writer's Digest magazine.

I really need to try and get some of my work published.

Then we came back home.

Tom wants the computer so I'll be back later to read notes.

I'm going to watch Dr. Phil! Followed by Oprah.

Even though Oprah bugs me and Tom at times.

She was all, "I have my sheets washed every two days.." because they were talking about dust mites and what lives in your bed.


Tom and I shouted, "Yeah YOU don't wash your sheets. You have people to wash them for you so of course you can wash them every two days!"

Even the clean expert on the show went, "Well that's not practical for most people, Oprah.."

I wash mine every week like he recommended.

Because those dust mites are scary looking.


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