Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Deals Deals Deals

So I drove for the first time since being here.

I know, I know.

I just really hate driving which is why I leave it up to Tom.

Obviously I will drive if I have to but if I can avoid it, I will.

England has messed me up. I kept wanting to go on the other side of the road when I drove. You'd think after being in a car all this time with Tom driving that I'd be okay.


I'd start to go on the other side and suddenly remember, "Yikes, not right, not right!"

Thankfully no other cars were around to see my embarrassing mistake.

The reason why I wanted to get out was to get used to driving again since I have to take myself to the hospital on Friday.

Plus I wanted to check out the BX and get a few things at the commissary.

First I went into the BX.

I made a hair appointment for Tommy. Picture day is Monday and he looks shaggy.

Of course I always wonder how he'll behave during a haircut. See, if I could do it, I would. But I make him look worse. Plus he doesn't trust me because he knows I'll botch up his hair.

"Mommy no, MOMMY NO!" he'll scream if he spots me with a pair of scissors.

Even if I'm cutting coupons!

He thinks I'll turn them on his precious hair.

Poor kid, I've traumatized him.

I've told him that he's getting a haircut Friday. His hands immediately flew to his hair.

"No," he said seriously.

"Tommy, don't you want your hair to look nice?"


"Look Tommy I promise they won't use buzzers. I'll tell them not too. Just scissors and water. Is that okay?"

Tommy looked thoughtful. "Yes," he finally said. "No buzzers!"

"No buzzers."

(The sound freaks him out. Plus the vibrations I imagine.)

I hope he does well. He says he'll keep his hands in his lap and hold still. A few times we've brought him in he's kept his hands firmly on the top of his head or moved all around so the lady wasn't able to cut his hair properly.

I always warn the beautician ahead of time.

I tell her that it doesn't have to be perfect, that he moves a lot and I always give a big tip.


I went to the BX and I was thrilled that I did.

Because they were having sales!


They have clothes that were on 50%-75% clearance with an extra 50% off that price.

The same with clearanced shoes.


My heart started to race, my palms turned clammy...

I was ready to shop.

I grabbed a cart and began.

I found a Christmas shirt for my neice for $1.

Then a bunch of pants for Tommy that came to $2 each.

I found some shirts for him for $1-$2 each.

I found a pair of New Balance shoes that were originally $60. I got them for $14.

I found two pairs of pants for Tom for $4 each.

Not sure if he'll wear them..I think he will, they're khakis, but he's picky.

I couldn't beat the price though.

Plus the pants he wears now are looking shabby but he refuses to buy new ones!

Seriously, we were in JC Penneys and they had pants for a decent price and he shrugged and went, "I like my pants."

Stubborn man.

When I went over to look he went, "You're wasting your time, I like my pants, I don't want those."


I also bought Flushed Away for Tommy. I had a $3 off coupon for that.

He has all the McDonalds Flushed Away toys and has been talking about wanting to see that movie.

It looks ridiculous to me but then again, I'm not a fan of cartoons.

Okay, so I ended up spending $94 but on the receipt it showed that I saved $168.37 bucks.

Thank goodness Tom isn't home. Had he seen me walk into the house with three overstuffed bags filled with clothes he'd have had a heart attack.

He did it when the BX in England had sales like that. I'd load up and when I'd walk through the door Tom would be like, "Dear God woman!" Then he'd dig through the bags and spot all the girl things. "Um. We have a boy, do you know that?"

Of course now I'm glad I bought all those girl clothes.

The clothes I bought for Tommy are for when he grows out of his current clothes.

So again, I'll save us money in the end.

I didn't find any cute baby stuff though. It mainly seemed to be the adult and older childrens clothes that were on clearance.

**And now for the embarrassing moment of the day. Because this is me and embarrassing things always seem to happen to me**

While I was bending down looking at all the clearance shoes I heard a ripping sound.


My pants ripped.

But not down the back.

Down the front. Right at my crotch.

There was a Korean woman beside me looking at the shoes and she heard AND saw the rip.

"Oh no!" she said and pointed.

Yes, lady, I know.

Please, everyone, take a look at my polka dotted undies.

"It's okay," I said. "This sort of thing happens to me often."

The Korean lady just stared. I'm not sure if she spoke much English. All she knows was a poor shopaholic American woman's pants had just ripped and her undies were on display.

Most people may have rushed right out of the store.

Me, nope.

I had shopping to do!

What I did was try to cover the hole with my jacket.

But as I walked around the store the rip got worse, nearly down my thigh.

When I checked out the cashier went, "Oh your pants!"

As if I hadn't felt the draft beforehand.

After the BX I wasn't finished.

I had to run into the commissary.

Maybe another woman would have returned home to change.

But I was right THERE and didn't feel like going home to change.

So I wrapped my jacket around my waist and finished up.

I just got some hot dogs, buns, sloppy joe mix, buns for that and Springtime cupcake mix and frosting.

And a face cookie!

That would be a cookie with frosting in the middle. With a face.


Things like that excite me.

I got one for me and one for Tommy.

(Sometimes I wonder how I can be a mother when things like FACE cookies still excite me. I mean I'm 24. Shouldn't things like that not excite me? Maybe it's because I was brought up in a healthy home. I dunno.)

No one noticed my split pants in there.

When I got back into the car they split some more.


Cheap maternity pants!

I might just go out in public in my comfy pants from now on. Sure they have Superman decals on them. Another pair has Rudolph. Another pair is camo.

But heck, I'm nine months pregnant, I shouldn't have to care how I look anymore.

I'm growing a human being, to heck if I match.


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