Saturday, March 10, 2007

Almost Time

I picture Natalie with having brown hair.

I don't know why.

With Tommy I knew I would be having a blond haired blue eyed boy.

I just knew.

And I knew that he'd be different. When I was pregnant with him I would hear in my head, "He'll be different, but he's going to make a difference.."

So when he was two and wasn't speaking a word I wasn't really surprised.

It still hurt to hear that something wasn't "right" with him but I wasn't as shocked.

Whenever I picture Natalie she has brown hair. When I picture her older I see her as having thick hair down her back. It's still brown with blond streaks.

"I'm going to laugh when Natalie comes out with blond hair like Tommy," Tom said when I told him that Natalie was going to have dark hair.

We'll see I guess.

Today I had another prenatal appointment.

When I was weighed Tom's eyes widened at the amount.

"Holy--" he started and then when he saw the evil look I tossed him he swallowed and went, "Oh that's not bad at all."

Into the room we went.

My blood pressure is normal.

I was asked if I was having any contractions or pains.

"Well sometimes my--" I started and then blushed. I finished with, "I get pains in my pelvic region."

Honestly. I should be able to say the word vagina in a hospital.

Nurses and doctors hear it all the time for goodness sakes!

"That's perfectly normal," the nurse said.

Then she said the doctor would be right in.

When the doctor walked in and looked at my chart she noticed that I hadn't been checked "down there" for a few weeks.

This was because they didn't want to start labor on accident when Tom was away.

So she said she wanted to check me.


I think I startled her when I started to pull off my pants.

She was all, "I'll leave the room.."

And I waved a hand and said it wasn't necissary.

Seriously, after giving birth to Tommy my modesty went out the window.

First the doctor checked on Natalie.

Natalie is fantastic.

Then came the cervix part.

"Just let your legs fall open," the doctor said.

Hah, sounds so graceful.

Like a ballet.

"Just let you legs fall open!"

It's a ballet on the examination table.

Then again it sounds better than saying, "Now spread open your legs because I'm going to be jamming my finger in between them."


I haven't dialated at all.

My cervix is still closed.

In other words?

Nothing is happening down there yet.

Which is fine because my Mom doesn't arrive until the 15th.

My next appointment is on the 16th.

The day before my due date.

Will I last that long?

Who knows?


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