Saturday, February 3, 2007

Just My Views


I'm Amber and I will be getting an epidural.

Hear me roar.


I was watching some program awhile back where mothers debated having a natural birth versus having an epidural. Apparently the mothers who had a natural birth felt that they were "more woman" than those who chose to have pain medication.

This disturbed me.

Because after all, didn't we both push a human being from between our legs?

You know, if a woman feels the urge to squat and give birth by a river like her ancestors, so be it.

If they want to give birth in their bed or a bathtub, well, wonderful.

This will just never be me.

Nope, I'll give birth in my hospital bed attended to by doctors and nurses thank you very much.

Maybe I'm a little squirmish but I'm unsure if I could ever give birth in a bathtub. Because I know all the stuff that comes out when you're giving birth. And I'd rather not be sitting in it.

I've always been really weird about stuff like that.

The debate continued over cloth versus disposable diapers.

Apparently the mothers who used disposable diapers were cruel not only towards their babies but to the environment as well.


Cloth diapers are adorable, I will admit that, but they aren't for me.

Nope, I'll stick to Huggies and coo over the little Winnie the Pooh bears that are all over them and I promise to apologize to the Earth whenever I toss one in the garbage.

To be honest, I don't see what the big deal is. I don't understand why mothers freak out so much over what other mothers do.

In a world where babies are abandoned in trash cans, restrooms and yes, even a college dorm room dresser drawer, shouldn't we be thrilled when a mother is, I don't know, CARING for her baby?

Who the heck cares how she's doing it?

So long as that baby is clothed, fed and loved, isn't that enough?

Why does a mother feel that it's her right to step in without consent? I understand if a debate is going on, fine, speak your views, but never ever approach another mother unannounced and state that she's doing it all wrong. Instead thank the Lord that another baby is being cared for instead of being tossed aside like a piece of trash.

As for me I'm going to love my epidural when the labor pains come.

I'm going to breastfeed her.

I'm going to put my baby in disposable diapers, use bouncers and strollers and even feed her jarred baby food.

With love.

With lots and lots of love.

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