Saturday, February 17, 2007

Texas Bound Tom

Guess what?

Tom is driving to Texas tomorrow.


Because they switched his dates for his Seven Level School.

Before they wanted him to go during the time when Natalie was due to be born.

Yeah, didn't go over well.

Thankfully someone switched with Tom.

It just meant he'd have to leave earlier. Which stinks but it's better than the other dates.

I'm still slightly miffed.

Because now he'll miss Tommy's birthday.

He leaves tomorrow and he returns on March 8th.

Yes yes, I also hope I don't go into labor early. I don't think I will, I didn't with Tommy, but you never know.

If it happens I have tons of phone numbers.

But I doubt it'll happen because I had a prenatal appointment and the doctor says that it doesn't look like I'll give birth earlier than my due date.

I go in weekly so I can get updates on that.

I wish Tom could have gone during the summer but it just didn't work out that way.


I'll be fine though.

Problem is, this means I have to drive.

I hate driving.

I don't know why, I've never been in an accident.

I just HATE it.

Plus I feel huge.

But then I remember that there are probably other huge pregnant women driving just fine.

I just hate the drive to the hospital. I worry I'll turn down the wrong way or something. And the parking garage makes me nervous.

But again, I should be fine.

I might even drive to Wal-Mart. This means I have to go briefly on the Interstate, which also terrifies me.

You know, the whole merging thing and all.

But if I want to shop in peace I have to do it. This way I can just say, "Bye bye, Tom!" and take my time.


Tom is washing his truck right now.

He's leaving early tomorrow morning. He could have flown but he prefers to drive.

Because he's insane.

No, actually a lot of people just drive down there. Because they do get off time and if they don't have a vehicle they're stuck on the base.

Yes he is visiting my parents.

My Mom, she was all, "Oh Amber can you come too?"

Er Mom? I'm 36 weeks pregnant. No.

That's a 19 hour trip. I'd have to pee every few seconds and Tom would probably get annoyed and hand me a cup or something.

"Use this for now," he'd gripe.

(Okay probably not.)

My Mom is coming down to visit on the 15th so I'll be seeing her soon anyhow.

I think Tom is also taking the truck because he knows I will have nothing to do with it when he's gone.

I have enough trouble gathering up my nerve to drive the PT Cruiser, I would never ever drive the truck.

And heaven forbid his baby is abandoned.

I will miss Tom, don't get me wrong. I like the affection. I curl up in his lap and we cuddle. He rubs my stomach, talks to Natalie and then rubs my feet.

Natalie responds to him too. When she hears his voice she starts to shift and poke body parts out.

She's saying, "Sup?"

I have a feeling she's going to be a Daddy's Girl.


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