Saturday, February 17, 2007

Cranky Breasts


I'm Amber and I spent nearly $300 today at Target.

Seriously Target and Wal-Mart should change their names to "The We Take Your Money" stores.

I'm never quite sure how I end up spending so much.

Of course this time I knew why the total was fairly high.

After all, I bought this:

It was $150.

See, I had been wanting a breastpump. When I had Tommy I used an Evenflo manual one.

Which felt like it was ripping off my nipples.

Plus it took forever to get a good amount. I'd sit there squeezing and being half asleep, wondering when I'd get enough milk.

Did I mention it felt like it was ripping off my nipples?

My poor breasts shuddered at the thought of another manual breastpump.

"Please, for the love of God, get an electric pump! Don't torture us!" they continued to plead.

I talked it over with Tom and he asked how much electric pumps went for.

"Well it depends," I said. "The really good ones are over one hundred dollars.."

Tom's eyebrows shot up.

"But I was going to ask the hospital about a rental. I know they have breastpumps that you can rent," I continued quickly so as not to cause my husband to panic and run around the room in circles with his arms raised over his head.

Tom made a face. "A rental? Gross! You're not going to use a rental!"

I think he pictured an old decrepid machine with dried and rotting milk stuck on it.

"Tom, I'm sure the hospital cleans it..."

"You're not using a rental!"

Okay then.

The reason why I want a breastpump?

So Tom can feed Natalie too.

I'll obviously be staying at home with her but Tom really wants to be able to feed her.

"And obviously I don't have the necissary pieces to do that," Tom added.

No indeed.

In Target we wandered into the baby section.

Or rather I wandered and Tom followed.


I started to look at breastpumps and the prices frightened me.

I picked up a manual pump.

"I thought you didn't want a manual pump," Tom piped up.

Which made me want to do a jig and click my heels together because it meant, hoorah, he DOES listen to me.

(Sometimes I wonder.)

My poor breasts immediately responded.

No no manual, you promised no manual, you PROMISED!

The manual went back on the shelf.

Then I looked at all the Medela pumps. They seem to get the best reviews online.

I picked up the manual Medela pump.

Don't do it! Don't you DARE do it. I swear, we'll leak all over your clean sheets, we will, don't think we won't. Put it back!

Back it went.

Then I found the one I eventually got. It was a single pump, which was fine, because I don't plan on pumping that much.

They also had the double one, for $250, and Tom said I could get that if I wanted.

But the one pump seemed enough from what I read on the package. I plan on pumping at least one or two bottles a day for Tom or my Mom to feed Natalie.

Mainly it'll be me though.

Then I got this:

Which turned out to be $17! I didn't realize it was so expensive until the cashier rung it up.

Those better be some heavy duty bottles man.

The rest of the stuff we got?


I found this for Natalie:

Then I got excited when I saw the Easter stuff out.


All the pastels!

Tom was all, "Only you could get excited about Easter stuff."


There are so many different baskets to choose from!

I found a Lightning McQueen basket and Tom sighed and went, "Look it's FEBRUARY we have time for that.."

So back on the shelf it went.

Then I got excited over Star Wars easter egg decorations and Tom repeated, "It's FEBRUARY!"


However, he did say we could pick this out for Tommy:

There was only one left but I'm sure they were still stocking.

We tried to sneak it into the cart but Tommy saw it right away. He's too observant!

He kept saying, "I get a bunny Mr. Potato Head!"

"Er..what Mr. Potato Head?" I'd say, pretending to be confused.

Tommy looked irritated. "MOMMY it's in the CART!"


So I told him that we're buying it but giving it to the Easter Bunny and if he was a good boy the Easter Bunny would bring it back on Easter.

"Oh. Okay Mommy!" Tommy said seriously.

Tom threw these into the cart:

He says for some reason the egg Reeses Peanut Butters always taste the best.

Even though I picked up some Reeses Peanut Butter hearts the day before in my Cheap Chocolate escapades yesterday.

Mm Reeses..


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