Saturday, March 24, 2007

It Set In

Well, post pardum has kicked in.

I felt fine the first two days.

Then suddenly--WHAM--there it was.

It didn't help that Tom and I were sent on a massive hunt around the hospital.


Well, Natalie failed her hearing test when we were staying in the hospital. Then we were told we'd have to bring her back on Thursday.


Problem was, no one knew where we needed to go!

The nurse who scheduled the appointment for us was all, "Oh come back to Labor and Delivery." Then she tapped her chin and went, "Or wait, maybe not.."


Go FIND someone who knows!

She never did.

So we went home and then on Thursday we set out to find where we needed to go. I went to the information desk and asked.

The lady didn't know.


She called and asked someone.

"The sixth floor," she said.

So we went into the elevator but saw that the sixth floor looked like physical therapy. Surely that was wrong.

So we went to Labor and Delivery.

No nurses were to be found.

We stood there for ten minutes before one appeared. I asked and she didn't know either.

She made a phone call.

"Okay go to a different set of elevators to the sixth floor.."

Back downstairs we went. We got into the elevators that would take us to the east wing.

And realized there WAS no sixth floor!

What the??

At this point I was exhausted.

I mean my vagina was aching and I didn't like the fact that Natalie was exposed to hospital germs.

Tom was getting fed up too.

Finally we decided to go into the other set of elevators to the sixth floor.

It was like a maze up there but I found Pediatric Therapy and figured that was it.

It was.

I gave the receptionist the letter stating that Natalie had failed her hearing test and the woman was all, "Did you go to admissions first? I need your privacy act signed.."


Admissions was DOWNSTAIRS.

So we had to go BACK downstairs.

More vagina aching.

Filled out paperwork.

Went BACK upstairs.

Then was told, "We're running really behind, there are two people ahead of you..we accidentally scheduled two appointments at the same time."


There was another young girl with a newborn boy probably waiting for the same hearing test.

Tom and I took a seat and waited.

And waited.

Natalie was actually sleeping in her seat which was a shock because she hates to be put down.

We waited some more.

Finally I had had enough.

"I'm just going to reschedule," I said.

I went to the receptionist. Opened my mouth and..

Burst into tears.

She looked stunned.

"Um?" Her eyes darted around.

"I need...reschedule..taking too long," I sobbed.

"Okay.." the receptionist said.

Tom was staring at me in shock.

"Are you okay?" he asked.

"I just..." I sobbed some more. "I'm so TIRED!" I wailed.

The receptionist was looking at me as though I were a nut job.

"We'll give you a call to reschedule," she promised.

And so we left, me sobbing down the hallway.

I mean, it was just too much. Plus I'm worried that my daughter has something wrong with her ears. Even though she does respond to sound but what if something is messed up?

This panicks me.

Apparently newborns fail the hearing test all the time from what the nurse told me. Because when she brought Natalie in and said that she failed I immediately went, "Is she deaf? What's wrong?"

"She only failed one part, a lot of babies do," the nurse said.


I cried the entire way home.

Tom kept saying, "It was just an appointment, calm down."

Then when we got home I burst into tears again and scared my mother and Tommy.

I told her what had happened.

"And my vagina HURTS!" I cried.

I was told to sit down and rest.

I'm feeling better now. The hospital did call and her hearing appointment is Tuesday.

We also took her to her three day check up yesterday.

She only lost 5 ounces from her birth weight, which the doctor says is great.

Natalie screamed bloody murder when she was weighed and measured though.

Poor girl.

She was 7 lbs 6 ounces at birth and 19 and a half inches.

Much smaller than Tommy.

Tommy was 8 lbs 1 oz and 21 inches.

She also pooped while being weighed. As if to say, "Take this doctor woman!"

Everything is looking great though.

In the middle of her wailing Tom went, "Natalie, don't cry," and she immediately stopped crying and her eyes searched for Tom.

So I know she can hear.

She still doesn't like to be put down. In fact Tom is holding her now. I tried to put her down in her playpen and she screeched.

Then I tried the swing again and she liked it for all of five minutes before screeching again.

I better go relieve Tom. He just said he had to pee.

I'll be on sometime to write the birth story.

Remember how I prayed before I went in?

God has a sense of humor because he gave me a very perky doctor..who, seriously, would come into the room and practically sing out, "Let's see how far along you are!"

Or, "How are YOUUUUUUU doing today?"


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