Sunday, March 25, 2007

A List

Let's take stock here:

Number of hours of sleep since giving birth on March 19th: About 15

Number of times that I've lost my memory (ie when I was making Natalie's two week check up appointment I totally spaced on my address and gave a few random numbers as my phone number): Lost count

Number of mistakes I've made since giving birth: Again, lost count. (IE I mailed in the form for Natalie's birth certificate and realized I forgot to include the $12 check. D'oh!)

Number of times that I've had to change due to leaky breasts: Er, over 50?

Number of times that I've done laundry: Once (but thankfully Mom has done the rest, otherwise we'd all be naked)

Number of sore vaginas: One

Number of sore breasts: Two

Amount of time that I've been on the computer since giving birth: Less than 10 minutes


She's worth it.


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