Thursday, April 26, 2007

Screening Results

"Amber, I don't have any clean underwear left."

"Fantastic. I'll alert the media."

Tom stared at me for a few seconds. Then he went, "Well could you throw some in the wash?"

This infuriated me.

"TOM. In the amount of time you complained you could have thrown them in the wash yourself. Do you see that I have a baby attached to me? Do you get that my lunch consisted of trail mix and I had to eat it WITH ONE HAND because she refused to be put down? I get to the wash when I get to it."

Tom frowned. "All I asked is if you could throw my underwear in the wash. I work you know."

This pissed me off even more.


I could see a look of panic pass over Tom's face. "I didn't mean it like that it's just I work therefore I don't have time to do a wash."

"You're standing right here wasting time! Go do a wash! Just because it's your day off doesn't mean you get to sit around and do nothing. Sorry, we have a baby in the house now your days of stretching on the couch or playing computer games for hours on end is OVER for awhile."

Tom muttered something and stomped off.

His Mom ended up doing a wash.


Tom did get Natalie to sleep for FOUR HOURS last night.

It was bliss.


She likes her swing now!

She actually has fallen asleep in it TWICE which is a huge thing. She used to hate it.

I do have a sling question though. Tom said I could get one and I was going to get the Bali Breeze but then a few people sent me links and I sort of liked the Kangaroo carrier.

Which one works best and where is a good place to purchase a sling?

Even though she likes her swing I don't want to put her in it all the time. I know she prefers to be with me and it'll make things easier when Tom is at work and I need to get things done.

Oh and Tommy had his Kindergarten screening.

He did really well.

The woman did ask if he was on medication because he was very distracted and I said he usually gets it later.

But she said he was very happy the entire time.

She was impressed by how he could cut out shapes and different designs. She said most kids can't do that yet.

And she just wanted him to know TEN letters and he knew 43. (She showed him upper and lower case letters and asked him to tell her what letter it was.)

She also said he read the word "cat."

And he picked out his name from a huge pile of names and wrote it out for her as well.

She did recommend summer school simply because he was difficult to understand and I said I figured.

She said she was glad I didn't freak out because she said several parents so far have gotten upset when she suggested summer school.

"I don't mind at all. If he could use the extra help I'll take it," I replied.

He has gotten SO much better with his speech though. Tom's Mom says she sees a huge difference from when we were there on Thanksgiving. People can understand him much better but there are times when we have no idea what he's saying.

Anyhow summer school is just from July 5th until August something and it's just for an hour and a half.

Then he starts Kindergarten August 29th!

My big boy!

He'll be riding a bus too which I'm nervous about. I mean he's only five, I worry he won't sit. He rides a bus to preschool but they have a monitor and plus it's a tiny bus...

I'm assuming the new bus will have a monitor?

At least I hope..

I COULD drive him but if Natalie is sleeping I'd rather not wake her up and then have to pick him back up in the afternoon.

We'll see how he does I guess.

Anyhow the Kindergarten screening lady said she thinks he'll do real well in Kindergarten, that he knows everything that a child his age should know (and a little more even!) and that the only thing he'd probably need help with is speech and occupational therapy. Which I figured, that's what he's getting help in now.

We're going to the mall later so I hope Natalie behaves. We never know with her. Sometimes she'll sit happily in her carrier other times she SCREAMS..


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