Wednesday, April 25, 2007

It Happens To Me

Last night was the Kindergarten Round Up at Tommy's new school.

I was handed about two inches thick of paper to fill out. I led Tommy to a table and explained that I had to fill the papers out.

"Ohhh," Tommy groaned.

I started to fill the sheets out and Tommy started to whisper, "Mommy? I want to go home.."

I gave him a blank sheet of paper and told him to draw something.

He drew some stick people.

And a booger.

"Mommy look a booger!" he said and pointed at this odd shaped dot that he had scribbled.

"Um. Oh my," I replied, distracted.

It took nearly a half hour to fill everything out.

Then some teachers came up to the front and started talking. Saying that Kindergarten wasn't just about playing and socializing anymore.

"By the end of the year your child WILL be writing short sentences," the teacher said.


After I filled the paperwork out I had to show Tommy's birth certificate, proof of residency, shot records and social security card.

He's all caught up on shots.

Then I had to make an appointment for the Kindergarten screening. I made it for tomorrow.

While I was doing that Tommy was beside me asking, "Where's my Daddy?"

Because it seems everyone elses Daddy was there.


I hate Tom's work schedule.

I had to explain to Tommy that his Daddy worked a different schedule, that it wasn't a 9-5 job.

"But why?" Tommy asked.

"Because Daddy is a military cop and military cops work crazy schedules," I explained.

"But why?"

"Because that's how military cop schedules go. You know your Daddy would be here if he could."

"But why?"

"Because he loves you."

"But why?"

"Because you're a great kid."


Thankfully a teacher spoke up then.

"Okay I'd like all the future Kindergarteners to come with me! We're going to go into a room and play games!"

I bent down to Tommy's level. "Why don't you go play?" I said.

"Okay!" Tommy said happily and rushed over to the group.

There were some kids that didn't want to go. One little girl was gripping her Mom's hand and when her Mom told her to go the little girl said, "Are you nuts?"

I nearly burst out laughing.

Now I always worry what Tommy is going to do in a group setting. He does have ADHD and by then his medication had worn out so I pictured him dancing around and being distruptive.

Some other teachers spoke to the rest of the parents for a few minutes longer and then said we were free to go after we filled out the paperwork and scheduled a screening.

I found Tommy down the hall. All the kids were being read "I know an old lady who swallowed a fly."

It seems kind of a strange book to read.

"I know an old lady who swallowed a fly..I guess she'll die!"

Seems kind of creepy in a way..

Tommy was sitting like a big boy with the group.


He spotted me in the doorway though. He waved and went, "Hey Amber! Look at me!"


He's going through a phase where he calls Tom and I by our first names. We always correct him though.

Tommy kept glancing over at me so I stepped into the hall so I wouldn't distract him.

The teacher read the kids a few more books..then they formed a circle, held hands and introduced themselves.

I heard Tommy go, "I Tommy!" and the entire class went, "Hello Tommy!"

Then some kids started to pipe up with, "I need to pee!"

Of course all the kids decided that they had to pee too.

Including Tommy.

He walked over and went and then re-joined the class.

Five minutes later the kids were free to go. When Tommy found me I asked if he went pee and he went, "Yes just a little bit."

"Do you think you'll like your new school?" I asked him.

Tommy nodded. "Yes. I like Kindergarten. Can I go on Thursday?"

"Um. No. You need to finish preschool first."

"But why?"

"Because preschool is important too."

"But why?"

"Because it is."

"But why?"

"Tommy..what do you say we go home?"

"But why?"

"Because I'm tired." (And my breasts were starting to leak but I didn't mention that.)

It was raining when we walked outside.

And I noticed I had left my headlights on.


See I'm half asleep, I don't notice things like that anymore.

Of course the car wouldn't start.

I began to panic.

First I called Tom's cell. It was off because he was at work.

So I called Tom's Mom. She told me to calm down and go find someone to jump the battery.

I hate asking strangers for things.

But I obviously had to.

So I grabbed Tommy's hand and went back inside the school while Tommy went, "What happened to the gray car?"

I found a woman and asked if she could possibly jump my car.

"Oh of COURSE!" she said cheerfully. "I drain my battery all the time. My husband calls me the battery murderer."

Oh thank goodness other people had done this too!

I felt so STUPID.

It took awhile for me to open my hood though. Ugh. Pain in the butt. I finally found the button and then I couldn't find where to put the jumper cables.

This took another five minutes.

The lady had to call her husband and ask.

I felt so bad because it was raining and the lady was in a skirt.

I kept saying, "I'm so sorry..thank you so much.."

After the battery was running again I thanked her over and over.

"Oh don't worry, seriously I do this all the time!" she said.

Then back home we went.

Natalie slept the entire time I was gone.

She slept a lot yesterday.

But the problem was, during the night she decided it was time to play from 3-5. Which wasn't too bad but I felt exhausted and she was all, "Entertain me!"

That wasn't easy.

Finally her eyes started to close..

But she teased me at first and when I started to settle down with her on my chest her eyes flew open and she went, "Ahhh!"

(I swear she was trying to say "Ahh haa!")

So I had to walk her around and she finally closed her eyes again.

Then she slept for a little bit.

She's awake now and beginning to get impatient so I'd better head off.


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