Friday, May 4, 2007

Checkup Day


I have my six week checkup today.

Not looking forward to it.

Granted after pushing out a human being a pap smear is nothing but's uncomfortable.

Then Tom is probably going to want sex.

He's been asking for it for weeks now.

How am I supposed to want sex when I'm half asleep? Honestly.

It's to the point when I'm bending over Tom is immediately behind me, humping my butt. I mean how does he even know when I'm bending over to begin with? Does he have some bending over male radar or something??

Plus if I say something like, "I need something to suck on," because sometimes I just want a flavor in my mouth Tom's eyebrows shoot up and he goes, "I'll give you something to suck on," and grabs his crotch.

I mean honestly.

Not in the mood.

When I get more sleep then maybe I will be.

Of course his birthday is Sunday and I don't know what I should say then.

I think he's tired of hearing, "I'm tired."

I can't help it though.

I AM tired.


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