Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Some Good News

Tom came home yesterday bearing the best news.

And Wendys.

He surprised me with Wendys for lunch.

I've been really wanting to try that frosty float. But in that float contains soda and I'm scared to drink soda for fear that it'll upset my daughter's stomach.


I miss soda.


Sorry, I went off.

Here I was talking about the best news ever and I start talking about soda.

Mmm soda.

There I go again!


Tom said when he was driving to Wendys he passed the construction zone. There has always been a sign there stating that Chipotle will be built. We figured that was it.

But no.

Guess what else they're building?


Yes, Tom said they had a sign that said KOHLS on it.


Near me!!


The closest Kohls we have is nearly an hour away.

I doubt I'd ever drive there on my own so I figured I'd always have to deal with Tom rushing me.

Or wait until I visited my Mom and she and I could go.

Or Tom's Mom.

But now...NOW I can go by myself! To KOHLS! And take my time!

Well, for as long as Natalie will let me.

Tommy will be in school.

I hope it opens for the after Thanksgiving sales. Kohls has amazing after Thanksgiving sales. Seriously, clothes for 70% off, frames for 80% off, toys for 60-70% off...

I was jumping up and down for nearly five minutes when Tom told me.

Oo I got some cardio in and I wasn't even trying.

Go me.

Later on, Tom and I were sitting outside and the neighbor said hello. She strolled over and we talked for a bit and Tom mentioned that they were building a Kohls.

He even stepped back a few inches after he said it.

I think he was worried she'd turn into a spastic bunny like I had.

Instead she just blinked at him and went, "What's a Kohls?"


So I explained.

She said, "I'll have to check it out."

But didn't sound enthused.

It's a KOHLS woman!


Okay, so I didn't know it existed until a few years ago either. But when I entered the store for the first time I knew it was my favorite.

Living in England for three years I had to shop online. There is a Kohls.com by the way. Kohls generally has sales on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. So I'd always pop on there and their online shop is okay but nothing compared to the store. Plus it seems the only sizes available are size 0s and 1s for jeans.


Size ZERO??

Yeah right.

I hope they build it fast. And then they usually have a grand opening sale!

Tom was all, "My wallet!"

I promised I wouldn't go nuts.

Well unless he says I can.

But usually when he says I can it means he wants something too. I don't find out about this until a few days later when he's all, "Oh by the way, I want this new game..."

Uh huh.

And I have my trusty Kohls charge card, which I also recommend getting. I know credit cards are evil rectangles of plastic, I get it, but sometimes Kohls has a sale where you can save an extra 15%, 20% or even 30%! I once saved 30%, it can happen! It's rare but it happens.

Plus I always pay off the card the following month, sometimes even when the statement is available so I don't get much interest. I don't think the Kohls card even has much interest to be honest..

Here I am plugging Kohls..they should give me a shopping spree.



Enough on Kohls.

I have some pictures of Natalie on that fluffy material I bought at Wal-Mart. I have a bunch so I'll post some now and some later:


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