Friday, June 22, 2007

Different Personalities

I apologize if I insulted anyone in the last entry. 133 isn't fat, I know that, in fact it's in the normal range. But you have to understand that I have a closet filled with clothes that I can't wear right now and that's frustrating. I have a drawer full of jeans that I can barely manage to pull on. That doesn't help.

So yeah.

I didn't mean to make anyone feel bad about themselves and if I did, I apologize.

Having to lose weight makes me cranky.

And I think Natalie finds it amusing to tease me while in the crib.

Lately she's been going down at nine and waking up at midnight to eat.

In her swing she'll usually go until 2.

But she needs to get used to her crib.

I think a part of the reason she wakes up is gas. Whenever I pick her up she lets out some farts.

Maybe that's my punishment for putting her into the crib. I dunno.

Some of my favorites have recommended getting something called GripeWater for her. Problem is, when I looked it up I came to like 10 different sites that sell it.

Which is the best?

This one looks like it is:

But I have no idea?

If anyone can point me into a direction that would be great. Because I feel bad that Natalie is uncomfortable.

I still can't believe how different Tommy and Natalie are. My family always told me that the second wouldn't be as easy as the first but did I believe them? No.

It's not that Natalie is difficult, it's just that sometimes I have no idea what she wants. I'll carry her, she cries. I'll put her in her Bumbo, she screams. I'll put her in her swing, she wails. I'll try her floor gym, she hollars.

It's like, what do you want?

Tommy was content to sit anywhere and he'd just gaze around the room.


And he loved his crib from the start. He'd just happily go to sleep.

And Natalie goes through periods where she's angry at a breast.

This week it's the left breast.

She screams if I try to get her to nurse from it. Sometimes I just have to let her scream until she'll finally latch on. I do pump but I don't always have time to do that. She'll eventually take the insulting breast after ten minutes and screeches.

Last week it was the right breast she was angry with.


I better go get her, she's under her floor gym and she doesn't like it anymore.

I have pictures:

In the Bumbo.

She likes it for five to ten minutes.


And Tommy:


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