Friday, June 1, 2007

What To Get?

This is what happens when you put Natalie in her carseat:

Uh, don't like it in here..

And yes, I tried moving those swinging toys out of the way to see if she was upset that they were blocking their vision. That only made things worse. She likes her swinging toys..for a few seconds that is.

Lenny the Lion my swinging toy friend, please get me out of here! Lenny the Lion?! Lenny the Lion??!

Oh what do you know, you're not even alive. Someone get me out of here!



She hates her carseat.

Luckily she usually falls asleep within a few minutes of being in it.

Like the other day when we went to Target.

(How did I spend $70??!)

She just dozed while I walked down aisles. I nearly killed this little kid though. She walked by me and went, "A BABY!" and made Natalie's eyes open. I froze in panic, winced, preparing for the worse but Natalie merely looked around, figured there was nothing of interest and closed her eyes again.


(Again, how did I spend $70??)

I was searching for a Father's Day gift for Tom.

I have no idea what to get the man.

He's so difficult to shop for. He always tells me, "I'm very simple to shop for," but he must be partially brain damaged because he is so not.

I was going to surprise him and buy him a Playboy but I'd be too embarrassed to purchase such a magazine.

"No really cashier person it's NOT for me, I don't swing that way, it's for my husband because I have no idea what to get him and I know this will shock the hell out of him."

I was even tempted to purchase sex toys but then he'd want to have, you know, sex and I'm still not quite in the mood. It's really difficult to get into the mood when your breasts leak and you constantly smell of milk. Oh and the fact that you haven't had the time to wash your hair in a week because there simply is no time so you feel anything but sexy.

He has so many funny t-shirts. That's what I usually get him but he hardly wears the ones I got him to begin with.

Maybe I can get him a blender. I actually want one but maybe I can convince him that it's truly for him.

"So you can have fruit drinks, dear! Mmm fruit drinks!"

He'd probably give me a Look and say, "But I don't LIKE fruit drinks."

Which is true, the man is the pickiest eater/drinker that I've ever met.

(His son comes in at a close second. Kid refuses to drink any type of milk, hates juice, soda scares him because of the bubbles..only will drink water..)

I live with weird boys.

Tom is picky about his computer games so I won't even start with getting him one. He pretty much only likes the World War 2 ones or games like Command and Conquer.


Really, I shouldn't get him a thing.

Because remember he nearly forgot about Mother's Day and had to call me from work to wish me a Happy Mother's Day claiming that he was under so much stress and that was why he forgot.

He did get me $100 to shop at Kohls.

I can give him $100 I suppose. But I like my gifts to be more personal.

I wish men liked receiving flowers. I'd get him that but if flowers arrived at the door for him he'd be all, "Um? Did you forget that I possess a penis? What do I do with these?"

Then I can just see him at work with his buddies:

"Yeah my wife got me flowers. I think she needs to get out more. Did she forget that men don't like flowers? What am I supposed to do with roses? I'd take the petals and sprinkle them on the bed but then I'd be worried I'd be lecured on staining the sheets."

I was even tempted to get him a shirt that read: "World's Greatest Dad." But he wouldn't wear it. He thinks those types of shirts are cheesy.

Sandles for the summer?

Hah, he thinks sandles on men look gay.

In the end I decided on framed photos of the children.

Because even if he didn't like them what could he say?

He wouldn't dare diss his kids.

I decided to get an 8X10 of the following:

Because he's actually *gasp* smiling for once. Usually he glares at the camera and if you ask him to smile he'll go, "I AM!" Seriously? That's what you call a smile? Because you look like a murderer to me..

And I got this one of Tommy:

He's dressed like his Daddy.

He wants to be exactly like Daddy these days. He totally copies Tom. Even with language. *Sighs* Tom really needs to work on his language. Because the other day he used the f-word and Tommy sweetly repeated it. And Tom has a habit of saying, "Holy crap!" when he's surprised so now whenever Tommy is shocked he'll go, "Holy CRAP!"

Thanks, Tom, thanks.

Tommy hasn't done it in school thank goodness.

I have more photos of him in uniform:

He can petal his trike now. But not his bike. He's outgrown his trike really but it's the only thing he can petal so he can prefer it. (He can't petal because of low muscle tone that comes along with sensory issues.)


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