Sunday, July 1, 2007

A Bunch of Randomness

Nothing else going on so I'll leave with random thoughts that have been going through my head:

Why does Natalie always start to fuss the minute I want to eat? If she's sleeping she wakes up right when I'm about to eat. If she's content entertaining herself suddenly she wants to be picked up.

I don't get fashion. Some of the ugliest things I've ever seen are in style. Why?

And why do celebrities carry around those big bulky ugly bags that are like $5000?

Why would they pay $5000 for a big ugly bag?

I hate Hollywood. If I ever became famous I'd totally wear a dress from Kohls and proudly announce, "Oh no a designer didn't make this. It's from Kohls."

Maybe Kohls would give me free stuff if I did that!


How did Elisabeth get on The View? Wasn't she on Survivor? How does she go from eating bugs to sitting around a table wearing fancy outfits?

Politics are so boring. I know I should be interested because these people will shape our world and all of that. But they're so boring!

I actually like Rosie O'Donnell. She made some comments that weren't right but at least she's not afraid to give her opinions. Even though some of the things she said was insulting. But I liked her talk show.

Why do food products claim that they have an easy open tear so you won't need to use scissors yet when you go to open them you still need scissors? I nearly threw my package of cheese across the room because I couldn't get the 'easy tear' open.

Are my fingers weak or something?

What's the deal with baby leggings? Reminds me of the 1980s.

If there is a BET why isn't there a WET?

Why do people still think men are head of the household in the year 2007?

Joe from Blue's Clues is pretty hot.

So is Elijah Wood. I wonder what he's been up to? I've had a crush on him since I was 10.

I think Dr. Phil should do a Dr. Phil house where he has different types of mothers in it. Mothers who stay at home, mothers who work, mothers who breastfeed, mothers who formula feed, mothers who use disposable diapers, mothers who use cloth..

Would be an amusing show. Some mothers need to calm down.

Ugh I need to do laundry. Again. Didn't I just DO laundry? How is there already more laundry?

Wish I were rich so I could just toss out the clothes after I wear them.

Just kidding.

Would be way too wasteful.

But I'd have someone else do the wash. Ha.

And the dishes.

I hate the dishes.


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