Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Our First Restaurant

On Sunday we all went to our first restaurant.

Well, I guess Golden Corral might count, but it really doesn't as it's buffet style.

This restaurant you had to actually sit down and wait.

I admit, I was a little nervous on what Natalie would do.

She has gotten a lot better but a restaurant is binding. I mean after we order our food it would be a little embarrassing to have to get up and leave before we even received it.

We decided on IHOP.

I kept seeing those commercials for the strawberry serenade and really wanted to try it.

Plus it was under new management.

See, we had gone before when I was pregnant. And the service was sllowwwww. It was run by Indian people. Or maybe they were from Pakistan? To be honest, I wasn't sure. We had heard from several people before we ate there that the service was awful. That it took forever to get refills, your food, everything...

But we wanted to try it out for ourselves.

And yes, it was slow.

Tom had to actually get up and find someone to refill our drinks.

So we decided it would probably be awhile before we ever went back.

However when I was out driving I noticed a sign that said it was under new management.


So we decided to go.

We left at 8 to beat the church crowd.

Natalie fell asleep on the way over and she still slept when we got there and settled down at a booth.


I ordered the french toast strawberry serenade.

Tommy ordered the funny face pancake.

Tom ordered the country omelette. (Mm also good.)

Our waitress was a sullen teenager though.

When she first came over for our drinks I asked if the tea was already sweetened.

She looked shocked.

Like *le gasp* tea could already come...sweetened???

She blinked and went, "Well I mean I could bring you sugar and all.."


Don't strain yourself dearie.

She came back with our drinks and..

That was the last we saw her for awhile.

We had finished our drinks and wanted more. She remained in the back talking with a male waiter.


When I come into a restaurant I'd like service and a competent waitress.

Not one that's going to pop herself out in the beginning and just when the food is ready.

Fine, act like that, your tip is going way downnn..

The manager of the restaurant was walking through and she noticed our drinks.

"Do you need a refill?" she asked cheerfully.

We said we did and she went off to get some.

Then our bad waitress came out with our food. Plucked them down in front of us and started to walk off. Then she came back and said in a bored voice, "Do ya need anything with this?"

"Yes I asked for extra sour cream when I ordered," Tom replied politly.

Once again the waitress looked shocked--sour cream--EXTRA--what a concept!

She turned on her heel just as the manager brought us back new drinks.

And never returned!!


So I think the reason why our service was slow again was because of her. Because we saw everyone else's waitress' out and about.

Ours decided to flirt on the job.

And as for Natalie?

She slept the first ten minutes.

Then some kid across the room SCREECHED and woke her up.

Tom muttered, "Thanks a lot, kid," as Natalie's eyes flew open.

I was able to entertain her with toys for a few minutes and then she wanted out.

So on my lap she went and she was content.

Wait, our waitress made one more appearance. She kind of popped out and I waved my arm and called out, "Excuse me?"

She looked irritated and wandered over. Then a light bulb went off. *Le gasp* These are my CUSTOMERS! The ones that are going to be leaving a TIP!

"Oh your sour cream!" she said, pointing at Tom.

Tom pointed to his now empty plate. "Nevermind," he said dryly.

"We'd just like the check," I said in a tight voice.

"Yeah. Here," she said, digging in her apron pocket and dropping it on the table. "Have a great day!"

Uh huh.

Too late chicky.

Bad tip for you.

She got a $2 tip which was probably more that she deserved.

But the french toast was delicious!


We'll probably go out again sometime since it went well.

Last night I watched Victoria Beckam. It was some reality show since they're coming to America and all.

Ugh I'm so tired of hearing about it.

I mean who cares?

And the fact that her husband is getting 250 MILLION to play soccer? What the crap?

This country has it backwards--the military--you know, the ones that are actually RISKING THEIR LIVES--should be getting the millions. Not these stupid athletes and actors.


Anyhow I watched that show and found myself actually LIKING Victoria?


Even though she was obviously stuck up.

I mean do your own hair, you little witch.

She was all, "When do Americans have Thanksgiving? I heard they stick pretzels up a turkeys bum."


Maybe she was thinking of stuffing..but PRETZELS? I've never stuck a pretzel up a turkey's bum. Sorry.

Then I watched Hell's Kitchen.

Well the last part of it. I bathe Natalie at 8 so I always miss half the show that comes on then.

Geez, I'd seriously crap my pants if I worked for that man.

I'd probably throw my hands up, squeeze the side of my head and just scream at the top of my lungs.

I couldn't handle the pressure.

Oh and I read this interesting acticle about breastfeeding--apparently Maggie Gyllenhal was photographed breastfeeding her daughter at a park in New York. Photographers took her picture and over at they posted a picture with her breast partially exposed and called it a "momtroversy." Hello?

She was FEEDING her kid.

And now apparently the photo is on a nude website.

Sometimes I don't get America.


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