Thursday, July 26, 2007

Tackling the Exersaucer

Thanks for those who told me they read. I was just curious because Tom was all, "You had this many hits? Who reads?" And I replied, "I dunno.."


Anyhow, Natalie's exersaucer came in.

It arrived looking like this:

Tom was sleeping when it came and I didn't have the patience to wait.

So I decided that I'd tackle it.

I only cried once.

Mainly because the directions said to take piece C and screw it into piece E but piece C turned out to really be piece E.

Make sense?

Yeah, it confused the hell out of me and I got mad.

I felt like I was back in Algebra class. All confused and staring at the teacher with knitted eyebrows while she prattled on what X equaled. Then I'd lose my attention and start doodling in my notebook.

Look! It's a picture of me with big eyes!

Oh right right..must pay attention to what X equals..must pay..

Oh look I made a puppy!


I hated math.

Still do.

It took me two hours to put the thing together. Tom woke up after hour one.

He was all, "I'll put it together tomorrow when I'm off of work."

But you see, that would mean that I'd have to wait until the afternoon when he woke up.

I have no idea why he just didn't take over when he woke up.

He claimed he wasn't in the mood to put anything together.

"I just woke up. Geez," he muttered.

So yeah, I was on my own.

He did snap some pieces in though because I couldn't get it. He kept smirking when I'd try to put pieces together and finally he went, "Oh let me!"

But that was all he did.

I was the one who made that pile of plastic look like this:

And yes, those are Natalie's feet. She enjoys kicking it rather than playing in it at the moment.

Here she is in it:

WTH is this?

I think she's still a little small for it. Her feet are only just touching the bottom and she leans forward a little much.

So she likes it for like five minutes.

But it came with a little pad and a little activity bar that can also go on the exersaucer. For younger babies you can lay them under it. However, Natalie always kicks the activity bar down.

And I did a photo shoot with Natalie on her Boppy. I try to lay her down on her Boppy for tummy time too.


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