Saturday, August 4, 2007

More Random Thoughts

Da da da da da daaaa's time for random's time for random's time for Amber's random thoughts ba da da dummmmmm..


Here's the perv in me: I enjoy watching Little People, Big World and can't help but wonder what sex would be like if one person was little and the other average height. I mean the dude (or gal) would be way down there and well...

Of course on Little People, Big World both of them are little. But there have been some shows where it'll show a little wife and an average size husband and it's all, "Hrm..that would be interesting in bed.."

Sometimes I wonder how I get such pervy thoughts in my head.

I'd like to visit Roloff Farm. (The farm in Little People, Big World. )

They seem like such a nice family but their house is always a mess. I realize that with four children it might be and my house isn't spotless all the time but I couldn't live with all those piles everywhere. It's a shame because they have such a nice home.

Am I the only one who doesn't like Harry Potter?

I could never work for Chef Ramsey. I'd seriously crap my pants if he started screaming at me. "AMBER! What the f*** is going on over there?" "Um yes Chef?" "I ASKED YOU A FUC**** QUESTION, DON'T YOU YES CHEF ME!" "Yes Chef!" "AMBER!!!!! Are you crying? There's no fuc**** crying in my kitchen!"

I'm not trying to be disrespectful here but seriously, when a guy is gay does he train his voice to be that high pitched? I'm just curious because you have some gay males who speak normally and others who are high pitched and I'm all, "Did you train your voice to be like that?" But I can't very well go up to a guy man and ask that...

I enjoy the show Army Wives. Though I wish they'd do Air Force Wives or something. It seems like that Air Force is rarely mentioned in TV shows.

Army Wives is interesting but there's a character in the show named Claudia Joy and it bugs me. Can't they just call her Claudia?? It's all, "Claudia Joy, Claudia Joy," and for some reason it just grates on my nerves. "JUST CALL HER CLAUDIA FOR CRAPS SAKE!"

The weirdest things can annoy me sometimes.

There's a scene in the movie Now and Then towards the end where they're packing up after their last scence and one of the characters is putting the candles away in her bag..the candles make a HORRIBLE clicking sound when they hit each other and I have to cover my ears each time that scene is on.

Again, I'm strange.

It actually bugs me that there is Spanish on practically everything I buy these days. I mean we're in America. Sometimes you get lucky in Europe and have it translated into English but it's rare. But seriously, all my foods seem to have Spanish on them, the diapers, practically everything! And I hate going into a place and not having the person understand me. Again, we're in America, I shouldn't have to struggle to speak in my own freakin' country. If I wanted that, I'd go to France and try to spittle out my high school French. "Je voudrais"

I'll sometimes watch those cooking shows that claim that they have easy recipes but I'm still confused as hell when they use spices that I've never even heard of. Huh?

Right now I'm making crockpot ham. It smells good so far.

Tom said the other day, "It would be nice if you learned to iron so you could iron my uniforms." HAH. Perhaps if he made MY job easier by picking up his messes or taking the kids out for an hour I'd be more inclined to help him out.

To be honest, I don't even know how to iron. I mean my Mom didn't teach me all the "girly" things to do because she didn't want me believing that that's all I had to look forward to in life.

My Mom rocks. I'm incredibly proud of her for being a Colonel. (Well retired now.)


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