Monday, September 17, 2007

Our Dates

Since my parents have been here, Tom and I have been able to go on a date.


The first date was to eat dinner at Texas Roadhouse.

I love Texas Roadhouse.

I ordered my sweet tea, which I love, and ordered my six ounce steak.

Tom and I were seated at a booth, across from one another. After I ordered I got up and slid in the booth beside Tom.

"Oh hello," Tom said, surprised. He placed his arm around my shoulders and pulled me close.

"Hi," I replied, giving him a quick kiss. Then I reached over and pulled my silverware in front of me.

"Oh," Tom said, startled. "You're sitting here now?"

I nodded. "So we can snuggle."

Tom looked perplexed.

I was insulted.

My own husband didn't want me sitting next to him?? Did I smell??

"What?" I demanded.

"It's just," Tom explained cautiously, "that if you're sitting next to me it's weird. I can't really talk to you."

"Yes you can!"

"But then I have to twist my neck and.."

I angrily pushed my silverware back to my side, got up and slumped back in my seat.

"Oh, you know I love you," Tom said, reaching out to stroke my hand. "I just like to SEE you."


And then..

In the middle of my talking to him he starts to watch the football came that was on in the bar section.


I'd be talking and his eyes would start to wander to the screen.

"WOW, that guy was tackled pretty good," he said in the middle of my story.


"Hello," I said waving my hand. "We're on a date. We rarely get to date. Pay attention."


And Tom's attention would be on me for all of a few seconds before returning to the screen again.

I hate sports.

They should come every four years, like the Olympics.

We did end up having a good date though.

My food was delicious.

When we got home Natalie was just starting to grow fussy.

See, I left her with some expressed breastmilk. But my Mom said when she tried to give it to her she freaked out.

Still doesn't like bottles, you see.

So the poor girl was just going to go hungry, waiting for me.

I quickly started to feed her and she happily ate for twenty minutes.

Yesterday Tom and I were able to go on another date.

To see a movie!

I haven't seen a movie in an actual theater in like..forever..

So I was excited.

We decided to see The Simpsons Movie.

It was the only one we could agree on. And one of the few that was on at a good time so that Natalie would be okay without feeding.

Well, it was that movie and The Nanny Diaries. I suggested it and Tom went, "No way."

"But Scarlett Johanssen is in it," I explained.

"SO?!" Tom replied.

"She has big tatas. You can look at those," I said.

"No thank you. That's a chick movie. No way."

Stubborn Tom.

So yeah, Simpsons it was.

Though Tom tried to get me to see that new Die Hard movie.

"You can stare at Bruce Willis!" Tom said.

"No thank you. That's a man movie," I replied.

When we got to the theater we ordered popcorn, nachos and one large drink to share.

The guy behind the counter was gay, I think. Because he spoke in a high pitched voice and was all, "We have WATER now. Because the females kept going on about how we didn't have water. So we have some now. Can I interest you in some WATER?"


I said no thank you.

Then I ordered the small popcorn and he was all, "Are you one of those females that doesn't like butter?"


What's popcorn without BUTTER? It's like eating dry styrofoam.

I explained that I liked butter.

"Oh right on. Good. I hate those females that are all, 'I can't eat this' or 'I can't eat that.' Annoying!"


We got our food and headed into the theater.

There were only a few other people in there.

And holy crap, they show COMMERCIALS before movies now??!!

Like actual commercials that you see on TV?

That's crap.

And then like twenty minutes worth of previews.

Though there are some movies that I want to see now.

That movie with The Rock in it.

And the new Queen Elizabeth movie. I think it's called Elizabeth: The Golden Age.

The Tudors rock.

Oh and there was this movie called Martian Child that looked interesting. The kid reminded me of Tommy because the kid in the movie is different.

And the new Steve Carrell movie.

Okay so maybe previews weren't so bad.

But the commercials were.

Anyhow The Simpsons were amusing.

Homer rocks.

Tommy will probably like it. Granted there is some language in the movie and it shows Bart's penis..briefly..

We'll probably buy it on DVD.

We had a good date.

When we got home, once again Natalie was just starting to get fussy.

She happily ate.

In the movie Tom and I held hands for a bit.

No making out though.

We made out all the time in high school though. But we were polite maker outers and would always sit in the very back so no one had to sit in back of us all disgusted.

I enjoyed our dates.

Tonight my Mom is making this Japanese dish called Domburi. It's SO good.

Even though Tom is all, "Blah," because you know, it's something *gasp* different.

And tomorrow Grey's Anatomy season three is out!

Tom said I could buy it.

Where would it be cheaper? Wal-Mart or Target?

*Ended up buying Grey's at Target!*


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