Monday, September 17, 2007

Hey, It's Time For Random Thoughts

Nothing much to report so I'll just do random thoughts again.

Da da da da da daaaa's time for random's time for random's time for Amber's random thoughts ba da da dummmmmm..


The idea of a life coach makes me laugh. I don't know why but whenever they bring a life coach on TV I think it's a crock.

I could never do yoga. I think I'd laugh throughout it when I was told to sit quietly and feel the aura of the room or something like that. I'd be all, "Teehee, teehee, aura!"

Britney Spears is obviously on drugs. She needs to clean herself up. I can't believe that people called her fat though. If she's fat than what the crap am I?

I had the strangest dream last night. A voice said, "If you write it, they will read." I swear I didn't watch Field of Dreams beforehand either. I want to tell this voice that I wish I could dedicate more time to writing. But with two young children, how am I to do that? I can't afford a nanny. I want to write, I have so many ideas in my head. I hope to get published one day. Does anyone know an agent? I read that it's easier to get an agent if a friend knows one. Or a friend of a friend. Or a friend of a friend of a friend. Heh.

Sometimes when I think Tom isn't spending enough time with the children I blast the song Cats in the Cradle.

I am now down to 126.

If your bananas are too green stick them in a paper bag with an apple--bananas are sensitive to the ethylene gas from apples which ripens fruit. <-- I totally read that somewhere. It was written down in my story idea notebook.

My story idea notebook is something I usually take me when I go out. If I hear someone say something interesting then I scribble it down. Or if I see something on TV, or read something...or if a story idea pops into my head. One time I was out to lunch with Tom and forgot my notebook. I had this story idea pop into my head and I went, "Oh my gosh!" I freaked out Tom who thought I was choking since I had just had a huge bite of lunch. "What, what?" he demanded, about to leap from his seat to save me. "An idea, an idea! I need a pen, A PEN!" Tom was really freaked out at this point. "I don't have a pen," he admitted. "A PEN!" I shrieked, digging in my messy purse. (Must clean out receipts.) Luckily I found one. "PAPER PAPER!" Eventually I wrote the idea down on my hand. Tom rolled his eyes and muttered, "Writers..." (What, JK Rowling wrote the idea for Harry Potter down on a napkin...inspiration comes anywhere...)

Spiders terrify me.

I still hate my cell phone. Tom makes me carry one though. And I guess I do feel safer with one. But it still disturbs me when I see someone driving and talking on their cell phone at the same time.

I still need to visit NYC someday.

I told Tom if he left his socks on the living room floor one more time that I was going to throw them out the front door. I'm serious.

I do have an idea for a novel which involves a husband and a wife switching places for a week. Meaning the wife would do the husband's job..which would be a military cop..and the husband does the wife's job which is staying at home with the children. I've been asking Tom all this information about what it's like being a military cop and he was all, "Why are you asking me all of this?" Hello, because I want to write a book! I mean I know this book idea has been done before but has the husband been a military cop? And has one of the children had ADHD? So it puts a spin on an old idea.

I can now drink a little soda without Natalie getting upset.

It freaks me out a little when people dress up their pets.

Drag queens also freak me out a little bit--especially when they look better than me.

I'm ordering Chinese food for dinner. Mmm beef with onion.


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