Monday, September 5, 2005

After Six Months....

Guess who is back?

Yup. My husband.

It's wonderful to have him home. I missed him. I didn't realize how much until I saw him.

Jennifer and I left the house at 7:30. She came along to take pictures and to join me in the car. It was raining and dark, a combination I hate to drive in. It just terrifies me. So we drove onto the base and when we pulled up in front of the dorms I saw the bus already there! It was surrounded by a bunch of people and I thought, "Oh crap, I hope it hasn't been here long." I parked and then we got out. It was raining lightly at this point. I walked over to the area and searched for Tom. And then..

I saw his familiar bald head.

Then he seemed to sense someone was staring at him and he turned around. A huge smile appeared on his face. A huge smile appeared on my face. Then we embraced and kissed. I remember saying, "I missed you," as I buried my face into his shoulder.

*Snap* *Snap* *Snap*

(This was Jennifer taking pictures.)

Tom went to put one of his bags in the car. Then he came back and listened to a cop talk about how he appreciated the sacrifice that each person made in being gone for six months. People clapped. Then it was time to go. Tom grabbed his remaining bags and headed for the car. I asked if he was okay to drive and he took the keys and said he'd be fine. (Thank goodness. Because by then it was raining harder.) Tom had said he was hungry so we decided to go to Taco Bell. (Hoorah for me!) I went, "Do you remember where that is?" Tom gave me a Look.

"Amber. I've been gone for six months. My memory hasn't been erased."


Haha. I'll talk about that Monday. I know what it is but I'm being a tease.


We went to Taco Bell. Ordered our food. And then went home. Tommy was over at Jennifer's house. I kept him there because he probably would have run off. So the first thing I did when we got back was get Tommy. Tom was sitting on the couch and the minute Tommy walked in his stopped and stared.

"Who's that?" I asked him.

"Dad?" He looked up at me with question in his eyes.

I told him that it was Daddy. Tom asked for a hug but Tommy backed up. Chris and Jennifer were there and Tom said he wanted to show them the pictures he took over there. While he was doing that Tommy suddenly announced,

"Boo-Boo. Dad. Boo-Boo," and showed him his fingers.

Heh. He tattled on me. I accidentally closed his fingers in the fence a few days ago. I felt horrible. I hadn't realized his fingers were there and suddenly he was yelping and screaming. He only got his fingers skinned but still. And he TOLD on me.

After that he seemed to warm up to Tom. Tom threw him on the couch and he loved that. He has his wrestling buddy back.

Tom also made videos on the camera while over there. He showed a few to Jennifer and Chris and then Jennifer and Chris left.

Then I was left with my husband.

I felt kind of shy to be honest. I mean, six months had gone by. So I sat on my end of the couch, eating my food and Tom went, "Hey. Why're so far? Come here?" and held out his arm. I snuggled with him as we ate. I was so nervous I couldn't even finish my food. I just ate a few bites and had to stop. Tom must've felt the same way because he didn't finish his food either. We just sat there, cuddling, and then Tom went, "You know, I always knew I loved you. But I didn't realize how much until I left. You're my ray of sunshine." Of course that made me cry. Then we shared a deep kiss. Tom whispered, "Your kisses send shivers throughout my body." We kissed some more. And some more. And some more. Then Tom went, "You know. I need a shower." I started to gather the food and I went, "Okay," and he raised an eyebrow and went, "Want to join me?"

I think I blushed. Pushed some hair behind my ear. I mumbled out, "Well sure.." and Tom bounded up the stairs. (Oh I put Tommy to bed first. It was past his bedtime.) Tom started the shower and I admit, I was a little shy when he started to undress. I kept thinking, "Er should I look at It? Now? Errr..." Then I was shy about taking off my clothes.

"I think you look amazing," Tom told me when he noticed me starting to cover my front. He softly pushed my arms apart. "You look amazing. Really."

Then we stepped into the shower. Tom grabbed some body lotion and lathered me up. Then we shared another deep kiss while the warm water bounced off of us. Then he...gosh, I'm sorry this is TMI...but he um got down on his knees and..well you get the picture right? The thing is, he NEVER liked doing that before he left. So I enjoyed it. We finished washing up and then got out. Tom dried me off. He dried himself off. Then he picked me up and carried me into the bedroom. He set me down and we started to kiss for a little bit.

And obviously you know what happened next.

After that we went downstairs. I watched the last episode of Lost. I have dozens of questions. Mainly about The Others taking a certain person...well I won't go into it.

We stayed up for another hour. Then we went back to bed. Had some more fun. Then we held each other and Tom kept saying, "I missed you so much, I missed you so much. I missed your kisses, I missed you...I thought about you every single day. I even showed everyone your picture. They said I was banging the good one." <--- Which I guess is guy speak for, "Dude, you girl doesn't look half bad." Or something. I told him that I missed him. That it got lonely without him. Especially at night.

"Sometimes I'd be afraid and I just missed holding someone," I told him.

I think we said "I love you" oh, one hundred times last night? I just missed him. And I didn't realize just how much until he was here.

Now he's back and we're trying to get into a routine. I told him he can't always hog the computer. He said he'd try not to. I said if I had to I'd dance around naked. He said he'd like that.

I'll end with some pictures that Jennifer took:

This was me on the drive over.

This is me when I spotted Tom.

Our first embrace.

Tom was asking Jennifer, "What's with all the pictures? I'm blind!" (He was joking)

I have my husband back.


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