Friday, November 3, 2006

It's Kohls Day

Guess what today is??


Hah, I'm excited.

Tom is all, "My credit cards!"

Then I promised that I'd stay under $100, if he really wanted me too. But then he pulled me to him and said that I could buy what I wanted.

"But that doesn't mean buy the entire store!" he quickly added when he saw my face light up.

Yesterday we introduced Tommy to the wonderful world of Toys R Us.

He was amazed. His eyes were as big as saucers and he kept saying, "Look Mommy, look!"

I found so many things I wanted to get him.

Tom went, "Er remember you said this Christmas was going to be a small one. It's YOUR rule."

Which is true. Because when we get to Wyoming we have to buy a lot of stuff. Including a washer and dryer, a new phone set, we have to fix up the PT Cruiser because the British roads messed with the Tom and I agreed that Christmas wasn't going to be huge this year.

But it's so hard because now I have CHOICES.

At Toys R Us Tommy did get some blocks, a mini Darth Vader and a mini R2-D2 that makes noises. (I think we all want to chuck it out the window.)

Then we went to Wal-Mart.

Wonderful Wal-Mart.

I could have spent hours in there but at that point Tom was looking a little miffed. He kept his mouth shut though but I could see him starting to fidget and when I'd walk down an aisle he'd be all, "Um Amber? We don't need kitchenware.."

"I know but LOOK at all these choices!" I'd exclaim.

(I think I said that about fifty times yesterday.)

I found the new Nicholas Sparks book at Wal-Mart and scooped that up. It's called Dear John and I can't wait to start it.

Then we did grocery shopping there and I was once again amazed by the choices. The following items amused me:

--All the different cereals (they have CARS cereal as well as Dora the Explorer now!)

--All the different air freshners (so many different scents, so little time.)

--All the different easy to bake cookies (peanut butter lovers, chocolate lovers, peanut butter cup..)

--All the different frozen foods

And, I was down one aisle and I noticed they had Spagetti O's in the shape of Dora the Explorer! I scooped it up and went, "Tom LOOK. Dora the Explorer spaghetti O's!"

As I said this a woman walked by with her cart and laughed.

"I've never seen someone so enthralled with spaghetti O's.."

So I explained, "Sorry I've been in England for three years.."

She looked a little shocked. I'm sure she wanted to ask, "And do they not have spagetti O's there??"

I also bought my beloved Milano cookies. They didn't sell those in England and they're the best.

I wanted to go down other aisles like the haircare and well..just everywhere but Tom was doing his sighing thing and I wasn't sure how much longer Tommy would be patient.

So we left.

I'm sure we'll go back another time.

For dinner we had Pizza Hut.

Mmm Pizza Hut.

And today it's Kohls!

And Old Navy.

And Target.

And some maternity store that's around the area.

After that it's Coldstone Creamery.


Tonight it's lasagna for dinner. Tom's Mom makes an excellent lasagna and I'm going to watch her make it. Usually I just shove a Prego already made lasagna in the oven and it's finished in a little over an hour.


Sorry, still excited over it.

I'm off to get ready. It's freakin' COLD over here. It was actually warmer in England.

And..last night I watched Survivor! On the same day that it actually AIRED!

Oops, better go. Tom just went, "The Kohls car leaves in ten minutes whether you're on it or not!"


(He's joking. He'd never leave without me.)

(I think.)

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